More english book stores??

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More english book stores??

I just moved to Busan and am dying for some new reading material. 

I was looking for more English bookstores.  I 've heard about Kim's English Bookstore in Jangsan.  Does anyone know any others?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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Most major bookstores have an

Most major bookstores have an English section. The size and quality of which varies hugely.

In my opinion your best bet is they are based in Seoul but deliver most major titles within a day or two. There is also free delivery on orders over 25,000 won.

Book stores in town include:

In Seomyeon are Yeong Kwang bookstore which is on the opposite side of Lotte department store. Take exit 9 go straight for about 20 yards bearing to your right.

The other is Kyobo. It's on the same road as Judies Taehwa department store is. Heading towards Beomnaegol station. If you don't know the area take exit 2 after about 3 minutes you will pass Dong Bo bookstore, which has been known to have some good stuff in the past. After that keep going in same direction for about another 5-10 mintues. If you get to the river you've gone to far.

There are a couple of stores in Kyung Sung university area that have a small but not bad selection. Take exit 3 for both. The first is right next to McDonalds as you exit up some stairs. The other is just around the corner on the main shopping road. Follow the crowds.

Finally there is the one in the basement of Sfunz in Haeundae. Exit 1  go straight.

There is also a new library that opened up at the Global Village near Seomyeon. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but my friend tells me it's has a huge selection and is free. To get there go to Buam station on line 2 and take exit one. It should be signposted.

Happy reading.

EDIT: Exit 3 at Kyung Sung should have read exit 5

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In my opinion, Kim's is better than the others. It's cheaper, you can 'rent' books, and you're supporting the independent. I am probably biased because it's around the corner from my apartment.  

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I went to Kim's last night

I went to Kim's last night and it was pretty good, I must say. Kim was very nice and answered all of our questions. Pretty good selection of books, too. She had lots of childrens, teens, and adult fiction and non-fiction. They cost the cover-price, so there is no jacked up import price gouging. My wife bought a book and I will definitely go back there in the future.

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I am giving away books!

Just had a bookswop and have loads whivch were left. Novels, various genres.

If anyone wants to come by Bujeon Dong subway station they are welcome to take what they like.

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Book Mooch
I would recommend which is basically a way to swap books with others from around the world. I have gotten over 15 books from there and shipped out about 10 books. It's an excellent way to recycle books.
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Library EnglishBooks

Book mooch is good. I use that.

There is a  new English Library on line 2 at Buam. I'll be donating books there today.

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Re: More english book stores??
Busan is a dry for books now the Fullybooked has gone. For those looking for books, consider Bookmooch. The following for it is almost non-existant in Korea, but it is a pretty cool idea. Check it out. If more of a following emerges, it could(and would)be an awesome way to share books within the country. It's the ideal book swap. Think about it.