Best kebabs in Busan - Seomyeon Big Boy!

Big Boy Kebab opened up just a month and a half ago in Seomyeon, just 2 blocks down the street next to the main intersection (the one with Coffee Bean on the corner) on the left. The owner, Richard (English name) is an incredibly nice and genuine man, who really just wants to bring a great kebab to Busan at a low price (ONLY 3000 WON). And yeah, he has falafel. This man loves his art, puts HUMMUS and all kinds of amazingness on there, and uses only fresh ingredients. I liked it so much I told him I'd advertise for him, so here that is. CHECK IT.


Finding postcards?

Hey there,


it may seem stupid, but it seems hard to find postcards in Korea. I haven't really looked around that much, but any previous countries I have been before, they just sell some virtually at any convenience store or so on. Any idea where I can find some nice postcards in the Busan area? Otherwise of course I will have to buy from internet I guess!



busan food and eats

What happened to the busan living - food and eats forum? It was very useful for sharing reviews on new restaurants and discoveries in Busan. For example Locos in Kyungsung has just opened and I was interested to hear what anyone who's gone thought...

Interpreter in Busan- English + Korean

 Hi, I need an interpreter in Changwon this Friday the 16th of October for a couple of hours.  I will pay you for this service and it will need to be in working hours.  I would also like the interpreter to be a women, as I will be going to the Busan Women's Assault Service.

If you are able, please leave a message in my inbox and I will give you a call tomorrow- October 15th.


Busan Philharmony Orchestra "Opera in Concert" TOSCA


Tuesday, October 13, 2009 - 16:00

Busan Philharmony Orchestra Opera in Concert Giacomo Puccini / Opera "TOSCA" *PLACE : BUSAN CULTURAL CENTER MAIN THEATHER *TIME : 2009.10.16 19:00 *TICKET : R-20,000원, S-15,000원, A-10,000원 B-5,000원 *SITE : www.bsculture.busan.kr *Office : 607-3111, h.p:010-7155-8356(mijung kwon)


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