Where in Busan to live

Where in Busan is best to live?

And how easy is it to find a job in the place you want to live?


Busan Places to Live

Depends what your situation in life is and what your likes are.

Popular choices include:

Haeundae for beach and bars

Seomyeon for nighlife

Kyunsung for students and foreigner bars

PNU for bars, students and character

Sajik for sport

Dadaepo for the river

Gwangali for beach, raw fish and bars

Nampo-dong for fish, character and bars

Depends what you like, really.

Does this mean you've chosen

Does this mean you've chosen Busan over Seoul? Given your previous posts I guess you're looking for somewhere near where the night life is.

Personally I would go somewhere near the Kyung Sung Dae (uni) district. It has a good number of bars and clubs within the same few blocks.

Next I would look at Haeundae, most jobs being in the new town of that area. An equal number of good bars and clubs, but a bit more spread out.

Situated between KSU and Haeundae is the ever popular Gwangali beach. Tons of bars all along the waterfront.

PNU (Busan National university area) used to be THE place until very recently. I think it's been eclipsed by KSU(Kyung Sung) but, I am sure others would argue against that. Still, like KSU everfything is very compact and there are still some really cool places around there. It's fairly accessible to Haeundae and Seomyeon, but not so much for KSU.

Finally, Seomyeon. Where I spent my first 2 years here. Bang in the middle of KSU and PNU, one of the cities biggest shopping centers and a few good foreign orientated bars and 100's of Korean bars.

However, if applying for jobs, these exact areas probably won't be mentioned, so a map is probably needed to determine if the area is close by. Use this from this sites predecessor to help you.


As a guide the city is split into large administrative districts called Gus and then neighborhoods known as Dongs.

KSU = Nam Gu

Haeundae = Haeundae Gu

Gwang An = Suyeong Gu

PNU = Dong Nae Gu

Seomyeon = Busan Jin Gu


We have chosen Haeundae. Is there an area within Haeundae that is nice to live in? Like, closest to shops and beach?




Haeundae is a big area. You would want to live in Jangsan or Jung-dong. They are on subway line 2, stops 1 and 2. You are walking distance to many great bars and the beach. Many foreigners live here. Also every western and international restaurant is basically in this area (haeundae stop actually which is stop 3 but stops here you can walk one to the other in 10/15 minutes). You can walk from either stop 1 or 2 tothese restaurants though in 15/20 minutes.

Places like Bansong, Jaesong-dong, Banye-dong... are in Haeundae but more into the middle of the city. Also, there are no subway lines there. Dongbaek is okay but not many foreginers. the stop after, the art gallery and centum is an area that is okay. The worlds largest department store is there among many other stores and so on. Living in centum though could mean across the river or not near a subway stop so you need to be careful.

Anyway, Jangsan and Jungdong I would think if you want to live in Haeundae. Haeundae stop is okay to. Busy area though so if you want some peace, the first to. GL!



Great advise, thank-you!