Seoraksan for Slow Hikers

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Sometimes the easy road is not worth taking… but in the case of Korea’s iconic Seoraksan Mountain it’s hard to be disappointed with any of the scenic hikes and trails- even if they don’t lead to the peak.  

Hiking in South Korea is serious business, and is a pastime enjoyed by most of the population, both young and old. Fall is a great time to head to one of Korea’s many mountains to enjoy the stunning fall colours, dotted with the striking hues of the assorted hiking outfits. Here are some suggestions around Seorksan that allow visitors to comfortably enjoy the scenery without excessive sweating or thigh burning.  

  1. Sogongwon Cable Car (설악 케이블카) a great option for anyone traveling with a restrictive time limit. After disembarking the cable car follow the path directly outside the exit around 15mins to the impressive view of the park from the top of Gwongeumseong. Lines for the cable car can stretch into hours during peak season so consider joining the early birds at the top for sunrise. Admission (return): Adults 10,000 won / Children 6,000 won. No tickets sold in advance. Check website for running times: here.  
  2. Biryong Falls (비룡폭포) 2.5km – Approx 1 hour. This hike is easy to combine with the two others mentioned here for a full day trip. For the most part the trail is more like a trekking trail before a few short climbs to the narrow ravine at the end of the path. Beside the falls you’ll most likely find groups of hikers enjoying lunch and/or resting before hiking a further 30mins to higher view of another waterfall.
  3. Biseondae (비선대) 3km – Approx 1 hour. In the opposite direction to Biryong Falls is the easy but beautiful   hiking trail to Biseondae. A relatively flat train that allows you to enjoy the mountain view while following the river to the high rock walls of Biseondae. This part of the valley is so beautiful it’s supposed to have inspired poets and scholars. From here you can rest and enjoy the view before turning around or continue on to other more challenging hikes to Guemganggul or ChunBulDong Valley. 

For more Seoraksan hiking trails and their individual difficulty check the map below:



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