How can I publish a set of photos on Koreabridge?

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To post a set of photos published on a photo sharing site like Flickr or Picasa , first request publisher permissions.
Once you've been made a 'publisher', click 'create photoset'.

You will need to enter a
  • Title for the slideshow
  • Slideshow code that is 210 pixels high for 'Photoset Front Page Code'
  • Slideshow code that is a maximum of 600 pixels wide for 'Photoset Fullsize Code'
  • the link to the Photoset

You can publish photos from any photo sharing site.  Below is some specific information about how to do so from Flickr & Picasa.

In Flickr, view your slideshow, then click 'Share' and 'Customize this HTML'

In Picasa, click 'Link to the album', 'Embed Slideshow'

For Front page code, you can choose 'Medium' for front page code, and 'Extra Large' for full size code


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