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How can I format private messages on Koreabridge?

To make sure you can format private messages on Koreabridge...

First go to 'My Account/Edit' and check the boxes next to 'Filtered HTML' and 'Full HTML'

This should automatically enable the 'wysiwyg' bar at the top of your post.

If you don't see that, click 'enable 'rich text' at the bottom of the Message box. 

어디에 글을 올리나요?


코리아브릿지에 가입하신 모든 사용자들은 상단메뉴에 있는 "create"탭을 누르면 하단의 목록에 글을 등록하실 수 있습니다.

Job Offered Ads - 이곳은 취업을 제공하는 곳으로 구직관련 광고는 금지합니다

How do I post my resume or a Job Wanted ad?

To post a job wanted ad and/or post your resume on Koreabridge, click
Create/Classified Ad/All Other Ads

Select the appropriate location and 'Job Wanted' Classified Ad Type

How can I add Koreabridge content on my site?

Blog Badge
for those who republish their blogs on Koreabridge
Info about being a Koreabridge Publisher here
Koreabridge Blogger
<a  target="_blank" href="http://koreabridge.net/blogs">

For Blog Publishers - Why do I need to republish my entire blog posts?

As part of our policies for publishers, we ask that bloggers set their RSS feeds so that their entire posts are republished on Koreabridge. 

The main reasons for this are: 

- Visitors prefer to be able to see then entire post rather than having to click again to finish the item.  We do include a link to the original post and blogger's feed on each post. 

How can I delete my account

If you would like to delete you Koreabridge account, please contact us with that the request.  If you want to delete it resulted in receiving  any kind of unwanted or inappropriate contact, please let us know the details  so we can take action.

How can I moderate comments on my own post?

For most types of content on Koreabridge (except job ads and forum posts), users can approve or delete comments on their own posts. 


How can I publish a set of photos on Koreabridge?

To post a set of photos published on a photo sharing site like Flickr or Picasa , first request publisher permissions.
Once you've been made a 'publisher', click 'create photoset'.

You will need to enter a
  • Title for the slideshow
  • Slideshow code that is 210 pixels high for 'Photoset Front Page Code'
  • Slideshow code that is a maximum of 600 pixels wide for 'Photoset Fullsize Code'
  • the link to the Photoset

How can I subscribe to Koreabridge content?

If you would like to receive email notifications when certain posts or types of content are published, you can do so by 'subscribing' to it.

Below every type of 'subscribable' content, you can see a subscribe section.  To subscribe just to that post, click 'subscribe to this page'. To subscribe to all posts of that kind of content, click 'To <content type> content'.  Then click 'save'.

Sending an email to the person who posted a classified ad or job ad...

To respond to a classified or other post, log in and click 'email contact form' as shown below.

Email Contact Form

Please note: If you click the contact option in the top menu, you will send an email to the Koreabridge Management Team, not the person who posted the ad.

You can also send a user a Private Message by clicking on the username and clicking 'Send PM' on their profile page. 

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