The HA HA Hole @ Soul Trane

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Friday, October 5, 2012 - 22:00

Dear Busanites:

What: Busan's first, best, original, and ONLY open mic comedy night.

THE HA-HA HOLE returns to PNU after a short break on the poor side of town. The first Friday of every month is upon us once again.

Who: You and all your clan need to be there--it's where Busan's greatest comedy minds sharpen their comedy knives, and we need victims... er... fellow celebrants.

Where: Soultrane, in PNU--just underneath the first best, original, and SUPREMELY COOL foreigner bar in Busan, Crossroads!

Why: Because without laughter, we are less than nothing.

When: 10pm sharp--sign-up sheet will be there at/just before 9:30pm. Virgin standups are encouraged to be sacrificed for the greater good of hilarity. You think you're funny? Your friends tell you "hey, you should try it..."? Then come on down and see if they're full of it.

How: we use microphones plugged into amplifiers, which are in turn powered by electricity provided by the city of Busan, who are unwitting participants.

Sincerely, your host

Johnny The Greek


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