Seoularium Counseling Services ITAEWON ST. EAST VILLAGE Seoul


Are you feeling a bit anxious about the military tension on the peninsula? Wanting to talk about strategies for managing your anxieties and stress? Contact a trained counselor. Confidential and reasonable rates. First 30 min. free with no obligation to continue. Available both face to face or via Skype video.
Call in confidence.


MNCS Korea - A Marketing Agency in Seoul, Korea

A digital marketing agency MNCS KOREA has been established to offer innovative digital marketing services and cost-effective solutions.

Our advanced marketing researches using big data offer an insight into the market you are targeting, actionable strategies, powerful competitor analysis service and reputation management. 


How2ROK is a consulting company that helps teachers double their income and improve their lifestyle in Korea.

Is EPIK failing you this Spring?  

How2ROK can show you how to legally make more, work less, and love your jobs.

We'll help you design your next year in Korea, and give you the tools you need to be on the leading edge of Korea's English teaching culture.

This opportunity is exclusively for teachers already  IN the country, who want to transition out of their current employment contracts and into a more lucrative, fulfilling, stimulating, and stable career as a teacher here.

There's a better way to teach and live in Korea.  We can show you.


For More Information, Contact -

Vincent Nance



Alan Lichtman



Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes

Hello, my name is Kim and I am a Quit Smoking Specialist and Hypnotherapist. I have a goal for 2013...to help anyone who smokes to quit.

Why Don't People Quit Cigarettes?

Everyone knows cigarettes are not good for them. Everyone knows they spend too much money on cigarettes. So, why do people continue to smoke? And better yet, why is it so hard for so many people to quit cigarettes? 63% of smokers want to quit.

But they don’t. Why?

Because we are all different:

Gavin's Sausages

Gavin’s Sausages was established in 2001 with a small shop and factory in Pyungchangdong, Seoul, manufacturing a variety of sausages, British style bacon, ham, haggis, various pies and other related products. Gavin’s Sausages has a permanent outlet in Shinsegae Department store and supplies a number of restaurants, other stores and shops (particularly for expatriate communities) throughout Korea.

Zumba Classes in Busan


ZUMBA is an easy-to-follow calorie-burning dance fitness party that's moving millions of people towards happiness and health. http://www.zumba.com/

Join the BUSAN ZUMBA facebook page for upcoming events.



Mary's Tarot & Saju Cafe (Sponsor Intro)


Mary's TarotTarot and Saju (Korean Astrology) Readings
in English or Korean

Tarot Readings

See what the cards and/or the stars have to say about
your present and future

Jankura Artspace

Seoul's first foreign owned and operated artist share studio and art class space with the expat community in mind. We are located just a short walk from Itaewon Station, so if you're interested in art, want to join a community of creative people, or just want to gain a new skill, stop by Jankura Artspace.

What is Jankura artspace?

An artist share studio: full 24/7 access rentals and part time studio use membership are both available
An art class space: lessons in drawing & painting
An art session center: life drawing sessions every week
A workshop center for the community: weekend workshops in art and crafts available

Jankura Artspace, Yongsan-Gu, Bogwangdong 274-1 4th floor

Rental Smart phone Service


We've been dealing internet service for 10 years

And now, we strarted cellphone business too.

Contact me If you got any question about cellphone or internet service



* All phones are Smart Phone.

★ Rental

* No Key money

* 6months~1years contract term possible

 -contract term negotiable


★ availuble model ( most phone are NEW now )

Gallaxy Note, Galaxy S3, Galaxy HD LTE, Optimus Cube 3D, Optimus VIEW, Galaxy Nexus
PRADA3.0, Optimus Q2, Vega Racer2, Vega LTE_M ....

* I can say most of cellphone in Korea are availuble


Galaxy S2 - SK Telecom or LG Telecom - 10months contract

*300minutes voice + 350 text messages + Unlimitted Data / month

# 69,000/month ( Final price nothing extra )

* Included Tax and Insurance fee so, no need to worry when you lost cellphone


We are taking care of mens' fashion, offline shops at 8 branches of A-Land in Seoul,

we take your whole style from toe to top, there are some items for women, too.

the new arrival is color sunglasses, everyone can wear them,

it costs only 50,000 KRW.

we have also bags, shorts, everything what you need,

plz visit the page and ask anything what you want.

We are located in busan, near Seomyoen,

so if anyone want to buy things, we are willing to meet and you can see what you order in person!

this is our page on Facebook :



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