Winter 2010 Photo Contest Results

Thanks to all those who participated.
Photo Contest Submissions can be seen at

Judges Selections
1st Prize(W100,000)
Boryeong Mud Festival, 2007
by model337
2nd Prize(W50,000)
Daily Commute
by PoetPrince

People's Choice
1st Prize (W100,000)
Homerun Dreamer
by PoetPrince

2nd Prize(W50,000)
Little Princess
by CanadianF2englishteacher


Honorable Mention Prizes (W25,000/each)
Best Meta-photo
Over the Edge
by CanadianF2englishteacher
 Best Generational Contrast
by SodaJonze

Most Romantic Photo (Kind of)
Last Kiss
by MarianMae
Most Interesting Use of Color
After the Mud
by Amhaddad


Wow, what a cool photo even though it's so wide it messed up gallery formatting Prize

Gift of Rain
by Bryn