August 2009

Pusanweb.com and Koreabridge Forums & Classifieds are being merged into one site - Koreabridge.net.  It will be the hub for all content, while regional content will be available at sub-sections like koreabridge.net/busan

The new site aims to feature Korea-related content (writings, photos,  audio and video podcasts) being already produced online while minimzing some of the 'challenges' and annoyances (multiple logins, confusion about where to post, lack of fresh media content, etc.) that Pweb/KB users have experienced over the years.

Most content from publishers will be hosted elsewhere (Youtube, photobucket, blogs, etc) but brought into Koreabridge in a way that allows publishers to customize it further (if desired) and includes a signature space that can be used for their own ads or any other message.  Anyone can become a publisher as long as their content is related to Korea and does not violate our posting policies. We're planning on experimenting with  a 'vote up/down'  button on most content to help promote content the community finds most engaging.

There will be a transtion period as we work the bugs out of the new system and hold a series of community discussions designed to build the kind of site users want. We will also be discussing how best to merge (or not) existing forums and other site materials into the new site.  We are looking for content producers, moderators, and Drupal geeks*  willing to test out and tweak the new system. Those who are relatively tolerant of glitches and willing to collaboratively  troubleshoot problems are encouraged to jump in.  Those that are easily frustrated with imperfection and tend to send nasty notes when things don't work they way they're supposed to are very much encoruaged to wait a while.    During this transition, Pusanweb.com and the existing Classifieds & Forums will remain  active and be considered as the 'primary' sites until an official launch of Koreabridge.net .

Finally, thanks to all those who have kept Pusanweb and Koreabridge chugging along these last few years.  Thanks to Sarah, Jeffery, and all the mods who've worked behind the scenes to help keep the content flowing.  Thanks to the advertisrs who have continued to support the site and helped pay the bills for all these years. And a huge thanks to all those who have continued to post classifed ads and forum discussions, share their blogs, and/or just visit the site.  Hopefully, we can build upon the foundation that already exists to build a site that better serves and engages the community.

To learn more about the New Koreabridge, register at Koreabridge.net and (if interested), become a content producer