Unlocking the Future of Laser Vision Correction: The Advantages of SMILE PRO (Visumax 800)


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Unlocking the Future of Laser Vision Correction: The Advantages of SMILE PRO (Visumax 800)

In the realm of laser vision correction, advancements continually push the boundaries of what's possible, striving for improved outcomes and patient satisfaction. One such innovation that has been making waves is SMILE PRO, powered by the Visumax 800 system. This cutting-edge technology offers a host of advantages over conventional SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) procedures, revolutionizing the landscape of refractive surgery.

Revolutionary Speed

One of the most striking advantages of SMILE PRO is its remarkable speed. Traditional SMILE procedures typically take anywhere from 25 to 27 seconds per eye. However, with the Visumax 800 system, the laser speed is dramatically accelerated to an impressive 7 to 9 seconds per eye. This significant reduction in treatment time not only enhances patient comfort but also minimizes the potential for intraoperative complications, making the procedure more efficient and convenient for both patients and practitioners. Faster laser time, provides faster vision recovery, minimizes dry eye syndrome after surgery and brings risk of laser suction loss to the minimum.

Precision Elevated with Robotic Assistance

While conventional SMILE procedures have already demonstrated impressive precision and efficacy, SMILE PRO takes accuracy to new heights with its advanced robotic assistance system. This system offers two key advantages: pupil centration and robotic axis fixation for astigmatism correction.

Pupil centration plays a crucial role in achieving optimal visual outcomes following myopia laser vision correction. SMILE PRO's CentraLign® robotic assistance ensures precise alignment of the treatment zone with the center of the patient's pupil, minimizing the risk of decentration and maximizing the effectiveness of the procedure.

Moreover, for patients with astigmatism, achieving accurate axis fixation is paramount for successful correction. SMILE PRO's OcuLign® robotic system precisely identifies and locks onto the axis of astigmatism, enabling customized treatment tailored to the individual characteristics of each patient's cornea. This level of precision enhances the predictability and reliability of astigmatism correction, leading to superior visual outcomes and patient satisfaction. While previously patients with high astigmatism over -2 or -3 diopters were not ideal patients for SMILE surgery, SMILE PRO shows excellent results in high stigmatism correction due to robotic axis fixation system.

Enhanced Patient Experience

In addition to its technical advancements, SMILE PRO also prioritizes the patient experience. The combination of faster treatment times and improved precision translates into reduced overall procedure duration and enhanced comfort for patients. Shorter treatment time minimizes the potential for discomfort and anxiety, allowing patients to undergo laser vision correction with greater ease and confidence.

Furthermore, the enhanced accuracy and predictability offered by SMILE PRO instill trust and reassurance in patients seeking vision correction. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and robotics, this innovative system inspires confidence in both patients and surgeons, fostering a positive surgical experience and promoting long-term patient satisfaction.

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