Foreign English Teacher


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English Academy position available from 1st of September, looking for someone already in South Korea.

Hello everyone, the academy that I work at is looking for a new Native English Teacher. We are part of a Kindergarten. The mornings are Kindergarten classes and in the afternoon we have Elementary classes. The academy is looking for a fun, energetic, active teacher that loves to work with children. 

Position: Full Time (9am - 6pm) 9 - 12 Kindy classes not back to back, there are breaks in-between. 12 - 1 pm is lunch (provided by the school and you DON"T eat with the kids, lunch is your time.) 2pm to 6pm are 4 Elementary classes. you don't ever take work home or have to stay overtime. 

Salary: 2.3 Million Won.

Housing: There is a teacher apartment available or a housing allowance of 300 000 won will be provided. 

Location: We are located in Busan, Bukgu district. We are in Gupo-dong near Deokcheon Subway Station and Gupo KTX train station. 

Benefits: visa sponsorship, tax of 3.3, 50% health insurance, pension.

Only applicants from the 7English speaking counties( American, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) can ally for the job, due to visa sponsorship rules. 

Please send your resume and a phot to the following email to [email protected]

Thank You.