Busan International school, Start April/May/Jun/July 2024,  elementary and middle


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Location: Busan

Needed: 4

Starting date :April/May/Jun/July

Type of Students :elementary and middle

Working days a week : Tuesday to Saturday

Full time Payment :2.5~3.0 mil won 

Completion bonus :

Operating hours: 

Working days & hours : T/Th 10:50-7:50, W/F 10:40-7:40 , Saturday 9:00-18:00

T/Th Courses Courses taught to Elementary and middle school students 

W/F Courses Courses taught to Elementary Students.  

Training detail: For regular & IEC position, there'll be 3 days training period. (3days unpaid)

Vacation: 11 paid vacation +10-14 National holiday (1st year), 15 paid vacation from the 2nd year 

Airfare : round ticket, Reimbursement (up to 1.5million won)

Housing provided (One-room (studio) apartment) or 400,000won housing allowance 

Pension and Healthcare 50/50 


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 


Is Health Insurance in the contract? : 


Do you arrange for immigration permission to work this job? *: 


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No Recruiter Documentation Provided