Wine cellar Nekresi Estate invite to testing

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Dear busanties! 

Wine cellar Nekresi Estate invite you to enjoy exceptional experience of testing Georgia's wine produced using traditional winemaking technology (8000 year history)! 

Wines from Georgia Kvevri are intangible cultural heritage of Georgia and were added to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Nekresi Estate's grapes are grown in some of the best vineyards, including a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) around the city of Kakheti, eastern Georgia.

Georgia-style meat pies and cheese plate are available. 

We have multilingual staff 

English: +82 10 4641 8756

Korean: +82 10 8212 2635 

Russian: +82 10 9358 4409


If you can not visit by yourself, just order a box of wine

with delivery to any place in S. Korea: 

 +82 10 8212 2635

Wholesale/B2B contact: 

+82 10 9358 4409


Instagram: nekresi_estate_korea