BGN Eye Hospital April event



Let your vision bloom this April!

Consider Laser Vision Correction this spring? Than we have some great deal for you~

Save 200,000 KRW on BGN SMILE/BGN LASIK/BGN LASEK surgeries!

Save 300,000 KRW on all TRIPLE/QUATTRO options!

Consider the newest technology SMILE PRO? Than we have even a greater deal for you!

Save 300,000 on SMILE PRO and 400,000 KRW on SMILE PRO TRIPLE and QUATTRO OPTIONS!

No more doubts, make your first step to clear vision by booking you appointment today!

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looking for a Drummer



We(Nirvana cover band) are looking for a Drummer.
We play mostly Nirvana songs once a week(on Saturday or Sunday).

We are playing them as a hobby.

- Song List -

Smells like~, Come as you are, Lithium, Breed, Rape me, In bloom, About a girl,

Dive, Heart-shaped box, Blew

Call or text me(010-9683-6900)


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    Join the ‘Global Supporters’ leading OLIVE YOUNG EXCLUSIVES together!

    올리브영 EXCLUSIVES와 함께할 ‘글로벌 서포터즈’를 모집합니다!
    Join the ‘Global Supporters’ leading OLIVE YOUNG EXCLUSIVES together!

    > K-BEAUTY를 사랑하는 재한 외국인
    > 개인 SNS 채널에서 활발히 활동하는 분
    > 뷰티에 대해 관심이 많고 차세대 뷰티 전문가가 되고 싶은 분
    > Those who love K-beauty *Only Foreigners living in Korea
    > Those who are highly active on SNS
    > Those with a keen interest in beauty and aspiring to become future beauty experts

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    Seeking Travel Buddy for Adoptee Dog to Toronto



    Greetings Busanites. I am looking for anyone traveling to Toronto in 3 weeks who would be willing to fly or accompany a sweet dog to be adopted in Canada. All the required paperwork and handling of her will be taken care of course. We are looking for a travel buddy for her. She is a St. Bernard who has found a lovely adoptive family. Please help us get her to Canada and settle into a new home. Please email me for more info! Thank you --

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    Teachers: Need a Curriculum for New Idioms?

    Available for free, I've put together supplemental stories from the book Can You Believe It? Stories and Idioms from Real Life


    These books are so popular, they've been reprinted for 2023. The old books are available online (links included), so there's no cost and the best part, they're still good.


    Students can practice English in a familiar setting. They can retake the quizzes as much as they like.


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    Busan Artists Networking Taco Brunch


    부산의 예술가들!

    서로 만날 시간이에요!

    서로를 응원하는 시간이에요!

    협력할 시간입니다!

    부산예술인네트워킹 타코브런치에 여러분을 초대합니다!

    전문적이고 미숙한 예술가, 갤러리 대표, 디자이너 및 기타 창작자를 환영합니다!

    What: 부산 예술가 네트워킹 타코 브런치

    - 부산의 창작 커뮤니티

    - Taqueria Pendejo의 타코와 수프

    - 아티스트 토크

    - 판화.

    언제: 2024.03.02

                   오전 11시~오후 2시

    가격: 20,000원 (참가비, 타코&수프 3개, 음료, 판화포함)

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    Looking for a Native Tutor (Korean)


    Marin city


    I'm looking for a private native tutor of Korean language for a 10yrs old kid (boy),

    possibly for a 1-2 times lessons per week or at least once per week (1h lesson / 50K won), preferably to study in study room or cafe, all expenses on hiring person.

    A kid prefers female teacher~ 

    if anyone is interested, please text me, so we can talk about schedule. 

    thank you 

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    3D Printing Jewelry Class


    Are you fascinated by the world of jewelry and intrigued by the possibilities of 3D printing?

    Join us for an exciting 3D Printing Jewelry Class designed especially for adults who are eager to explore the artistry of crafting their own unique accessories.

    Class Highlights:

    Technique: Learn the fascinating art of ‘3D sculpting’ to craft Jewelry

    Projects: Create a stunning set of jewelry using your newfound skills – participants will make one pair of earrings and a matching ring.

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