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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 20:30
Rob Dickey and Brad Serl will be on hand to provide a general overview of the national and local Kotesol Organization. They will also preview the national conference this weekend in Daegu and the special monthly meeting Saturday for Busan Kotesol Tune in live at


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Homosexuality Taught by Americans in Private Korean school

Note from the Koreabridge Manager:  We often receive emails or posts from people who feel they have been treated badly and/or wrongfully terminated by an employer.  Normally, we do not allow these to get posted because we don't get into 'blacklist' types of posts due to potential legal and managerial headaches. This post, however, brings up some other issues about what is appropriate to do or say in the classroom, so I'm going to cautiously clear it for publishing.


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