Women in Korea Webcast #1


Sunday, May 2, 2010 - 21:00
The launch of a new Koreabridge webcast. 'Women in Korea' will be a live, interactive discussion each week with a diverse group of women talking about Life in Korea from their various perspectives. Sundays @ 9pm Tune in to the video stream and text chat room at


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Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

[Mod Note: Since this deals more with moderation policy than the topic of where it was originally posted, it has been moved into its own forum topic.] It is far past time to start ignoring the ignorant rants of Lee Bum Suk! He is either a "troll" or someone who is so closed-minded as to really have no business being here. An Internet "troll" is someone who posts with opposing and often offensive or obscene opinions in order to incite other posters to argure with inflammatory views and get everyone riled up. They get off on pushing people's buttons just to do it- very immature!

Kang Shin Who's latest article in Korea Times

"The bill is to mandate foreign English teachers to submit documents proving no criminal and drug records, whenever they are hired or transferred to other hagwon. It is because some E-2 or English teaching visa holders, once caught for taking drugs or sexually harassing children, were often found to be rehired at hagwon.

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