Koreabridge Webcast - Becoming Unity & Other Video Projects


Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 23:00

 Jeff Martinez of Becoming Adventure joins Koreabridge's [email protected], Jeff Lebow, as we finally get into the webcasting swing of things.  Jeff M. will discuss ongoing and upcoming Korea-based video projects. 

Visitors can listen and participate in the text chat at:


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Party with a Purpose

Come the first weekend of December, Korea will be brimming with wine parties from coast to coast to coast. Party-planners and party-goers across the peninsula will be helping raise money for Korea Women's Hot Line. Because, really, what better way to help others than to party!?

Withdrawing money in Korea with a foreign card

Hey there, I was wondering if there was any way to withdraw money from an ATM in Korea with an overseas checking or savings card? I know there are a couple of "Global ATM's" where you can withdraw money with a foreign credit card, but what about a normal bank card?

I have a canadian checking account bank card, and at the back there is the sign "PLUS", and at the global ATM's I've been so far they are supposed to accept cards with that sign, but nothing is working. My credit card expired so I'm out of luck I guess.


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