All area possible (looking for a native speaker for on line English class)



Kris on -line  English school is looking for part time native teachers who are  kind and like children.

Time is flexible.

Depending on your schedule we can set up time and day.

If you are interested in working please send me your resume to [email protected] com.

Thank you.

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Ferry from Busan to Jeju

Hey everyone,

First time poster here. Wondering if anyone has any idea of ferries to Busan from Jeju.

Are there any operating anymore or has that been discontinued?

If they are still around does anyone know the rough costs of them? 


Thanks in advance :).


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Critiquing the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity

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The Jeju Peace Forum was founded in 2001 with the goal of contributing to world peace and international cooperation in the East Asian sphere through multilateral dialogue and community building. 

The 2003 edition of the conference included President Roh Muu-hyun's official apology to Jeju Island for the 4.3 massacre and the 2007 Jeju Declaration envisioned a regional peacekeeping diplomatic role for South Korea based on the Helsinki Process. 

In 2008, with the election of the hardline right-wing Lee Myung-bak government, the foreign affairs ministry changed the name of the conference to The Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity and shifted focus away from co-operative agreements, bringing in big name speakers on themes unrelated to the peace process.

A glance at the list of events, workshops and speakers from the 10th Forum held last May, full of washed-up politicians and discredited neoliberal economic themes, suggests a conference in search of an identity.

Darren Southcott, editor-in-chief of The Jeju Weekly magazine, joins The Korea File to discuss whether or not the Forum has stayed true to it’s roots as a regional peace initiative.

Details on the 10th edition of the Forum can be found here:

For more from Darren Southcott, check out The Jeju Weekly magazine here:

Music on this episode: 김 수 철 with '내일'



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