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GALAXY Real Estate

Hi! I am Ricky Choi, a certified realtor in Busan.

If you want to buy or rent property in Busan, especially in GwanAnri Beach area and KyungSung, Pukyung National University area, I can help you find a good one by providing pictures and general information first for you to pick out a couple of candidates and then we can go together to see the selected places for final decision.

I have already been doing this with some of Expats and it has worked fine so far.

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Busan Global Real Estate Agency in Busan

Hi guys 
We are  the official korea real estate agency 
Consulting has a full service real estate arm specializing in short term and long term furnished real estate in Busan, South Korea
If you are looking for nice accomodations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Remax -a reliable real estate broker in Busan and Kyungnam Province

Looking for studio type apartments or family house? 

We are close to you, being ready to show you varieties of houses from studios to luxury town houses. 

Remax has been No1 real estate broker in Canada and The US sice its establishment in 1950s, which has operations in over 90 countries and has around 90,000 agents worldwide.

We, Busan affiliate is located in Haewoondae, Busan in Korea, are ready to help you find right places for your stay in Korea depending upon your current budget.  

feel free to consult on any kinds of matters regarding your housing.

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Grandhouse Busan Studio Apartments

We have many Studio Apartments/One Rooms.


If you need our help, you just call me.


We provide English and Chinese Services.

我们提供英文和中文服务。 ( Our office)

Phone: 010-7308-1108   (Karl Kim)

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STAYES <Fully Furnished Apt in Seoul>

Apartment near Korea University!

5min. away from the subway station

5min. away from Duksung University

10min. away from Kukmin University

13min. away from Sunshin University

15min. away from SungKyunKwan University

20min. away from Korea University

Fully furnished apartment! KRW 800,000 mohtly rent.

(Bathroom& Kitchen & Wifi included)

We have more apartments near Yonsei/Ewha University!

Check out our website





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Location: Help finding a great apartment in Seoul

Hi apartment searchers,

Do you need help finding an apartment in Korea? Searching like a local is the best way, since you avoid apartments targeted to foreigners that may not be able to be rented to Koreans or that overcharge. 

We can help. 

We're Western cultural and relocation consultants located in Seoul and can help you find your new apartment. 

We help expats living in Seoul to help navigate the unfamiliar and often confusing apartment rental system here in Korea. 

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Scott Jeong - Real Estate Broker

Hi. I'm Scott jeong
I'm real estate Broker.
as you know, Foreigner not easy to finding new houses in korea.
and Korea real estate law is complicated.
So, I can help you to finding good house.
i can match with your need for finding a room.
my real estate company have a lot of rent, selling list of a houses.
Ask me for rent, buying
Plaese don't hesitate to contact us by phone, SMS, Email.
If you have any question.
tel. 010-6212-9827

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