IR Licensed Administrative Agent and Real Estate Agent


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My name is Kijoon Hwang.

I'm a representive of IR which stands for Interactive Relationship and have overseas experience lived longer than 10 years including operation of my business.    

The office of IR is located at the newly constructed site near the Chunan-Asan KTX station and surrounded by a lot of apartments, shopping centers, and office buildings and besides many new residentials like officetel and commericals are scheduled to be constructed in the near future.

It's main categories are application or complaint to Government for immigration, administrative appeal for revocation or suspension of driver's license especially caused by drunk driving, and brokerage for rent or purchase/sales of real estate like housing. 

Please contact me anytime whenever you are easy to do with following phone number or e-mail address.

   - Phone: 010-3164-8564
​   - e-mail: [email protected]