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Hi. I'm Scott jeong
I'm real estate Broker.
as you know, Foreigner not easy to finding new houses in korea.
and Korea real estate law is complicated.
So, I can help you to finding good house.
i can match with your need for finding a room.
my real estate company have a lot of rent, selling list of a houses.
Ask me for rent, buying
Plaese don't hesitate to contact us by phone, SMS, Email.
If you have any question.
tel. 010-6212-9827

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Bridge Korea: real estate agent in Seoul

Are you looking for a house or an office in Seoul, Korea?


If you look for a house or an office in Seoul, Korea, I can help. I'm a real estate agent in Seoul. If you feel the language barriers, English speaking real estate agent can help you to find properties in Seoul. I can assist you in all your needs, whether it is commercial or residential that fits your budget. And I work within the boundary of law. Contact me for details.


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If you need to contact me, send me an e-mail

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