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11 years experience, CELTA (Cambridge English Teaching Qualification).
Native English Speaking Tutor (Canadian/New Zealand)

Do you need to improve your English Grammar?

Are you wanting the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in English?

Do you need easy-to-understand lessons with English that is actually useful in the real-world?

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Online Professional British English Teacher

Do you want to experience a pure British accent? I like to introduce myself I am an English fluent native English Teacher from the United Kingdom. 
Edward Vincent. 
Included in the collection.
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                                       Online virtual English Teacher 
                                          The Voice of Native English.


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The Native English teacher

Hi everyone,

I am a TEFL level 5 qualified English teacher with 4 years of teaching experience that teaches conversational and business English as well as basic English classes to students in school. 
I aim at helping my students achieve their goals while maintaining a respectable approach to their learning styles as most students differ in levels of understanding. 

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. 
My going rate is ₩25,000/$21 per hour and preference to using Wise transfer or PayPal. 

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PTE Academic 90 Tutoring on Skype

1-to-1  PTE  Academic Expert Tutoring on Skype.  Flexible schedules. Proven results of past PTE Academic takers provided for vertification.

Foreign tutor with over 10 years' experience teaching PTE Academic score 90 skills.|Secure the PTE score  for the Australia permanent residency or university admission with expet training. A free 30-minute trial lesson  is provided.

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English tutor

안녕하세요 ^^

저는 영국 출신의 네이티브 영어 선생님 입니다. 

저는 온라인 영어를 가르치며, 무료 수업 체험권을 제공 해 드립니다.

저는 전문 영어 교사입니다. 

저는 영어를 가르친 경험이 7년 있습니다. 

제 전공은 비즈니스 영어와 일반 회화 영어입니다.

저는 교수, 의사, 변호사, 엔지니어 같은 학생들을 가르쳤습니다. 

저는 학생들이 승진 할 수 있도록 도와 주 고, 취업 면접도 도왔으며 영어권 국가에 서 살기 위해 준비하는 과정을 도왔 습니 다.

저는 또한 많은 어린이들이 영어 말하기 연습을 할 수 있도록 도왔습니다. 주니어 수업은 토론을 기반으로 합니다. 이를 통해 자녀가 자신감을 쌓고 자연스럽게 원어민과의 의사소통 능력을 향상시킬 수 있습니다.

제게 연락 주세요:

Kakao: Isabellb93

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Online English teacher

33 year old experienced online English teacher. I'm originally from the UK and am offering online English classes to children of all ages. I use the APP Zoom to teach from. Price is 24,000 KRW per 40 minute class. I can help your child with reading, writing, speaking and grammar. I have plenty of courseware options to learn from as well.

Please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] 

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Elementary Math & HS Physics Tutor

Elementary Math & HS Physics Tutor



Graduated with a BS in Physics for Teachers 2016

Recipient Philippines DOST-SEI Scholarship RA 7687

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Been teaching Physics to various schools for 5 Years already

Senior HS Teacher Divine Light Academy Las Pinas, Philippines



Elementary Math (Grade 4-6)

High School Physics (Grade 7-10)

Elementary All Subjects (Grade 4-6)

Via Google Meet & Zoom


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Tutor in English, making you the best English speaker.

English tuition offered at affordable prices 

We provide fun, informative lessons designed to assist you in becoming a well spoken English individual.  

FREE 15 min trial class. 

Focus is on pronunciation and conversational English

Contact us today

[email protected] 

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