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Emily's Classroom: Online English Lessons



I'm Emily. I have ten years experience teaching English in the UK, USA and Korea. I live in the UK with my Korean American husband and our daughter.


I teach face to face English to Koreans now via Skype and Kakao Talk to all ages.


I promise good results from your lessons.


Please take a look at my website


Thank you and I hope to speak to you soon


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Englsh 알아보기

온라인으로 영어를 배우세요 . 미국 , 원어민과 함께 원격 회의 . 당신이 원하는 주제를 전자 메일로 보내

에 대해 온라인 영어 학습 에 대한 일정 말한다.
onlain-eulo yeong-eoleul baeuseyo . migug , won-eomingwa hamkke wongyeog hoeui . dangsin-i wonhaneun jujeleul jeonja meillo bonaegi

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English Conversation Practice Online

Hello my name is Daniel and I am a native English speaker born and raised in The USA. I am certified to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages and have been awarded with a TESOL Certificate in 2012. I am looking for new students who want to practice their English skills through conversation. I will coach you as you perfect your pronunciation, fluency and comprehension skills. I hope to get to meet you!

You may contact me via

skype: teacher.daniel2
gmail: [email protected]

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Alpha International: Online English Tutoring

Alpha international is one of the best tutoring companies based in Australia and srilanka which deliver Edexcel,Cambridge Advanced level and Ordinary level courses along with business english courses online...

lessons are at the rate from 19USD per 2hours

contact for online lessons : +94770622065 /+94412283647


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Paula: English Language Distance Learning


        Good day! My name is Paula. I’m currently seeking to teach English as a four language to foreign students.  I am from Cebu, Philippines. Graduated last 2011 with the Degree in Mass Communication.


From a really young age, I have always been a volunteer at different reading programs around different Elementary Schools in my hometown. And that also helps young students in their reading, writing, and comprehension skills.


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Vimbox English school

Hello everybody! I’m a teacher in Vimbox English school ( and I want to tell you about our discounts.

We offer private lessons for the price of group ones.

4 private lessons (1 lesson=1hour) with a teacher – 48 $

8 private lessons (1 lesson=1hour) with a teacher – 80 $

16 private lessons (1 lesson=1hour) with a teacher – 128 $


These prices are only available until the end of February.

You’ll get:

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Talk To Go: 영어 학원


Talk to Go는 세계 각국의 학생들에게 제2외국어 교육으로 양질의 ESL이나 영어를 제공하는 온라인 영어 학원이다. 우리는 문법, 독서, 어휘, 말하기, 의사소통 등 다양한 영어 영역에서 스카이프를 통해 학생들을 전문적으로 가르치는 선생님들이 있다. 우리 선생님들은 유창하고 교육 분야에서 수년간의 경험을 가지고 있다.

인터넷을 통해 영어를 배운다. 우리 ESL 선생님들은 항상 온라인 상에서 당신을 돕기 때문에, 당신은 공부하기 위해 집을 떠날 필요가 없다.


Email: [email protected]

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Kharenz Grace: Online English Classes for a very affordable price

Good day! Anyone here looking for ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHER for a very affordable price? Books and materials are provided.

I am an online English instructor for Koreans. I have been teaching for 3 years already. I offer everyday English classes that lasts up to 25 minutes. Trial classes are offered before enrolling.

If interested and to know more details, please contact me through:
Kakao ID: kharenzgrace03
Skype: kharenzgrace03


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Josey English Online: Learn English in Your Own Home!

Private Online English Lessons

Hi, My name is Josey and I am a CELTA qualified English teacher.

I spent two years teaching in Korea and now I teach one-to-one classes by video chat. You can study from the comfort of your own home!

My lessons are made personally for you. They are based on your interests and areas to improve.

Find out more, and book a FREE trial lesson, on my website

or message me with the contact link below

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English Korea: English lessons Face to Face or via Skype

HELLO , 안녕하세요

Welcome to English Korea.

English language lessons for everyone.

Are you looking to improve your English ?

Do you need conversation practice ?

Are you studying for English exams ?

Business / Holiday English.

English Korea can help you with professional native speaking British teachers.

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