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Welcome to English Korea.

English language lessons for everyone.

Are you looking to improve your English ?

Do you need conversation practice ?

Are you studying for English exams ?

Business / Holiday English.

English Korea can help you with professional native speaking British teachers.

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English language partner offered via Skype!

I am an American English teacher offering .5 and 1 hour langauge lessons via skype to adults and children. 

Conversation practice, grammar lessons and pronunciation training available

exercises and homework activities available upon request 


About me:

I taught ESL to Korean students in Seoul for 1 year and to foreign students in South Africa for 3 years. I have tutored in English and Spanish for several years as well. 

My Education:

BA Intercultural Communication 

PGCE intermediate level (langauges) 

TESL certification


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Skype(화상) English/Exp Young Female Filipino/Good Pronun(see videos)

>Are you still studying English with an off-line teacher? That is just impractical in various ways. Please start studying English with me on skype right now, and you will be able to find how interesting and practical the skype English is.//아직도 귀하는 현장학습 선생님들과 영어공부를 하세요? 그것은 여러 가지 면에서 정말 비실용적입니다. 지금 바로 저와 화상영어를 시작해보세요, 그러면 귀하는 화상영어가 얼마나 재미있고, 실용적인가를 알게 되실 겁니다.




=Video clips for your confirming how good my pronunciation is.(다음 비디오를 통해 제 발음을 확인하세요)

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Advanced English Speaking -Institute


My name is Rajesh Sir, i have been in this profession of spoken english for 13 years of good and sound experince.I am the pioneer of Advanced English Speaking - Institute (India). AES is imparting virtual english-speaking course for the learners of distant places via virtual classroom and skype ( rajesh-sir). Our trainers are profund with grammar and spoken english with sound vocabulary, trainers approach with hand-in- glove methodology with the learner, so that learnrrs can adapt it very easily  to develop and to enhance in their communicative english.

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English for Everyone! Improve your English with reliable teacher!

Hello There!

I'm an Asian English teacher with 11+  years experience teaching English as a second language and as a certified (TESOL) language instructor. I'm offering private tutorials for all levels and age groups, and tailor my lessons to your specific goals. I would love to teach more on children. Improve your English confidently and efficiently.

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English Class Online

안녕하세요 영어선생님.
화상 전화영어 수업하길 원하는 학생들을 모집하고 있습니다.
현재 공립고등학교 정교사되어서 학원을 그만둔 상태이고
필리핀 억양이 없는 발음좋은 선생님입니다.
대학교에서 교수제의가 들어올 정도로 문법에 자신있으며
토익관련(Speaking, Writing)수업도 가능합니다.
스카이프로 전화영어 하시길 원하는 학생은 아래로 연락바랍니다.>.<//
전화번호 : 010-9922-8382
카카오톡 : hoo8382
가격은 주3회 30분씩 한달 5만원이랍니다.
연락주시면 제 한국인 친구가 도와줄겁니다^^
대학교에서 English Linguistics(영어 언어학)을 전공
영어시험에서 필리핀 전국 3위 성적(cumlaude)으로 졸업.
미국문법시험(AGT)에서 10점만점에 9.8점.
토익 940점

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