Why Korean Men and Women Marry Foreigners (Matchmaking Poll)

Printer-friendly versionI'm not big on talking about the whole dating and marriage thing, but when I came across this article I figured I wouldn't be the only one who was intrigued.  The Chosen Ilbo recently reported a poll taken by matchmaking company, Bien-Aller, about the reasons why Korean men AND women make their choices to marry someone from outside their own ethnic and cultural group.

According to the poll, 32.1 percent of the men said they felt the biggest benefit of marrying foreign women is their lack of interest in their groom's educational background and financial or social status

For me, the reasons Korean men and women make their choices, according to this poll, were not what I expected.  The next three most popular reasons for seeking a foreign bride?

  • Foreign brides would be submissive
  • Would make their lives more comfortable
  • No stress from the in-laws

Clearly, they must be referring to non-Western countries.  I don't ever recall anyone referring to women in the USA as being "submissive".  In these cases, I think they generally refer to men going to SE Asia to look for a wife.  Apparently they feel SE Asian women are submissive and their parents won't stress them out.  In addition, if you're under the impression that Korean women are submissive, these Korean men are telling you otherwise.  I never thought they were.

I think we confuse the subtle Korean style and outward social respect gestures as a sign of submissiveness.

For those of you who have spent time in Korea and observed Korean couples, I think you can agree that K-women are not submissive.  No way.  If you think that...more power to you.

Women, on the other hand, indicated that their #1 reason for seeking a foreign husband is because it would make their lives more leisurely.  Followed by:

  • Foreign husbands would be more dedicated to his family
  • More mature (???)
  • Less picky about educational level, social status, etc.

Top factors in choosing a spouse

Men:  Skin color
Women:  Being from an "advanced" nation

It never ceases to amaze me the reasons people look for someone.  The reasons are as varied as the people themselves and they're never what they appear on the surface.  My opinion, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one...

Somebody stop me.

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