The Top Must Visit Places for First Time Ulsan Travelers

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The fact that not many people have visited the city of Ulsan can be intriguing. Even if the city is more popularized by its history of whale-hunting and several petrochemical plants, car manufacturing units and one of the largest shipbuilding facilities in the world surrounding the city, Ulsan still has plenty of great things to offer travelers. The city’s reputation may not be an apt one to attract waves of backpackers to the city, rather it helps in keeping the tourists out of the geographical boundaries of the city.

By any stretch of imagination, Ulsan may not be the the most impressive city in Korea but is nothing less than that either. The city is beautiful in terms of its rich natural history, diverse culture, mouth-watering cuisine, stunning coastline, beautiful Alps, an effervescent river and a number of other exploratory sites. Though Ulsan is consistently and unfairly eliminated from every travel guide book, it remains shut off from the unwitting, first-time travelers to Korea. This is the reason behind compiling a list of some of the top places to visit when going to Ulsan.

Mount Gaji

Labeled as one of the most beautiful mountains on the Korean land, Mount Gaji is the tallest mountain in Ulsan. The mountain offers one of the most challenging hiking experience up the steep and densely arboreal slope. The well-marked mountaineering trails make it a bit easier to climb upwards and are accessible from the Seongnamsa Temple. The three-hour trek to the top of the mountain will recompense the trekkers by an array of mountainous magnificence. The higher altitude of Gaji allows the travelers to boast the consummate views of the beautiful Ulsan backdrop. The Yeongnam Alps may not be as high as compared to the other Alps but they appear to be quite stunning from the Gaji’s summit.


Samsan-dong has always been one of the most famous attractions for first-time travelers due to its proximity to both the bus terminals. Home to the Hyundai and Lotte department store and several other hip bars, cafes and restaurants, Samsan-dong provides explorers innumerable opportunities to shop, drink and dine. Though the area is full of pubs and bars, one cannot find any dedicated places for gambling or casino gaming. However, the fanatics can surely make use of the Internet cafes located in various area, or the broadband connectivity at the hotels to play online gambling on websites such as for enjoying a great casino gaming experience. The websites offer an array of different games, including Bodog blackjack and online gambling games like bingo and roulette. Travelers can easily satisfy the urge of playing free gambling games online and that too without leaving the comfort of their cozy rooms. That’s certainly a great idea for casino enthusiasts who want to have a Bodog South Korea online experience.

The Black Pebble Beach

The beaches in Ulsan are definitely some of the best in all of South Korea. Pretty self-explanatory by the name itself, the beach is full of black pebbles that render a different appeal to the overall scenic beauty. The water waves crash and smash the curvilinear rocks quite loudly, into a beautiful darkened coastline. The beach is adorned by several amazing seafood restaurants, which give the first-time travelers an opportunity to savor the local cuisine.

Ulsan Sports Complex

The Munsu Stadium is the world cup venue of Ulsan, and is a reprieve from the rest of the city’s concrete. It is now a home ground of the Ulsan Hyundai Tigers. Similar to most of the other world cup venues in the Korean land, the Munsu stadium is also a shadow of its former structure, the one only used for the odd events and the K-league matches. The surrounding area beholds a stunning lake in the midst of paths laden with shrubbery, thereby offering a wonderful day out for a person visiting Ulsan for the first time.

So, for those who have never been to Ulsan, it is wise to pop into some friendly tourism board people, situated just outside the train station, and pick up an Ulsan guide for a comfortable exploration of the city. A pinch of patience for the public transport and first-rate map reading skills is all it takes to make the Ulsan trip a memorable one for the first time holiday-maker.


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