Photography Spots in Korea – Series VI – Night Photography

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This is a very special series as we have Mr. Sungjin Kim, an esteemed photographer from Korea. He has been contributing his pictures regularly to Getty Images and some of his work has been featured on the National Geographic website.

In this series, Sungjin Kim has shared not only his beautiful work on Korean Night Photography (showcased below) but also some wonderful tips on Night Time Photography in Korea. You can read the tips at the end of this post.

Tips for Night Time Photography

1. Preparations

  • Tripod – The basic of night photography
  • Release – Also the basic
  • Lens – Standard zoom and better if you have from wide to telephoto

2. Capturing Time

  • Best timing is 30 minutes before and after sunset because the difference of exposure between highlight and shadow is minimum. Aka, magic hour or blue hour.
  • The best season for night time photo is winter as the atmosphere is dry and clean without haze, so you can get a sharp photo. But you have to check the weather condition always even in winter and the most important thing is always be prepared on cold.
  • The worst season is spring because of yellow-dust. In summer season, right after the storm or shower is the perfect timing.
  • Always check the weather forecast(distance of vision, fine dust concentration, humidity)

3. Camera setting

  • Aperture : f11~14 is suitable (Maybe vary depend on subject or taste)
  • White Balance : 4,300 ~ 4,500 (Good for expressing blue color but you cant set to auto white balance)
  • ISO : 100 (Depend on camera vendor and surrounding light, no higher than 200 because of noise)
  • Mode : Av or M is preferred
  • Exposure time : Below 15sec(Also because of noise)
  • Calculate with the combination of ISO, Aperture, Exposure time
  • Always shoot to RAW!

4. Composition

  • Learn from the photos of others
  • Create your unique composition

About Sungjin Kim Photography
Sungjin Kim is an IT professional by day. But in his free time he is really passionate about Photography. He Kim has been taking pictures from the past couple of year. Going through his gallery would require you to keep everything aside, so that you can have dedicated time to experience Korea through his eyes.

To view his work you can visit his photostream in 500px, flickr or facebook page below.

500px :
Facebook Page :
Flickr :
Twitter :

National Geographic


  • 2011 Tour Seoul Photo Contest (Seoul City) – bronze prize and honorable mention
  • The 12nd Road Photo Contest (Korea Expressway Corporation) – honorable mention
  • The 5th Photo Contest (Herb Island) – silver prize
  • The 8th KINTEX Photo Contest (KINTEX) – silver prize
  • 2010 Cultural Heritage Photo Contest (Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea) – honorable mention
  • The 3rd Goyang City Photo Contest – honorable mention
  • 2010 Hwacheon Tour Photo Contest (Hwacheon District) – honorable mention
  • The 15th Yeongdeungpo Tour Photo Contest (Yeongdeungpo Office)– honorable mention
  • The 5th KAC Photo Contest(Korea Airports Corporation) – honorable mention
  • 2010 The 6th Light Pollution Photo Contest (Feelux) – honorable mention
  • Korea Image Making Photo Contest (Presidential Council on Nation Branding) – Grand prize


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