Korea's Future Without Me

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The recent Korean Presidential election reminded me that this country's politics and future is going to roll on without me next year. I am surprised and proud of Korea for electing a woman President, but I know that it doesn't necessarily mean more rights for women in this country. However, with the figures for the number of people who voted this election I can see that people care about their country's future and want changes to come.

To be honest I'm not deeply involved in Korea's political scene or know in depth the problems Korea faces. However, I know that it's very expensive to get a house here due to many reasons and that I for one would like to see things change to help people settle down.

Korea has changed so much in the five years I have been here, and mostly in the commercial landscape. Take Itaewon for example, a town that when I first visited felt like an oasis for foreigners. This was because not many Korean people seemed to be there inside the restaurants and bars. I mean there were Korean people there of course, but when I mentioned "Itaewon" to my Korean friends their typical response was, "Is it safe?" Now Itaewon has become the hub of gourmet restaurants and swanky clubs, almost starting to look like Hongdae's outer areas of swankiness. This is all good and fine, but for those who remember Itaewon as it was it's a huge a change. My point I want to make is that I think Koreans have changed in a way of embracing Westernization and accepting Westerners here.

Anyway, I've learned in the past to not talk too much about Korean's and their opinions as some think I was wrong.

If I were to wish for Korea's future I mostly would hope that the country continues to prosper and also find peace with it's neighbor up north. Of course that can't be accomplished if North Korea continues to be as stubborn as it is.

Roboseyo has a good post about the election, which he put up after a slumbering period of no posts. Now Korea will have five years of President Park Geun Hye, and I hope she delivers what the people want.

As for me I'm heading home to my country where a fiscal cliff looms and guns laws need to be tightened. However, I am not afraid to return to my country in the state that it's in. Besides I'm moving to Washington State where they just legalized marijuana and gay marriage!


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