Korean Queer Podcast: QueerCast

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For readers who are comfortable with Korean, QueerCast is great podcast. I've been getting sick of watching Korean television programs for listening practice an would much rather listen to people talk about queer issues in Korea. Hosted by Rita (리타), the podcast currently has 30 episodes with the most recent published 6 days ago. According to QueerCast's Twitter, they should be published bi-weekly on Mondays, but looking at the irregularity of their broadcasting, I find that a bit difficult to believe...

Topics range from talking about contract marriages, the queer festival, webtoons, heteronormativity, and having a happy queer life. QueerCast also has a website which includes ways to participate in the podcast.

To listen to the podcast online or download an MP3 file, you can visit
PodBBang (which has tons of free podcasts).