Korean Food

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I love the food here in Korea.  Gonna miss it a bunch.  Here's a sampling:

Bulgogi is one of my favorites.  It's basically Korean barbecue that's grilled right at the table on hot coals.  You can't pull this off in the US because of all the lawsuits from people getting burned in restaurants.  You take the grilled meat and wrap it up in a leaf.  You can put other things in the leaf too like veggies, garlic and sauce.  Very tasty.

Samgyupsal is similar to bulgogi.  It's pork rather than beef though.  This gets wrapped in a leaf too.  I love to grill the kim chi and put that in the leaf too.  It's like the perfect bite of food.

Not sure what you call this but they have these food stands all over the place.  You pick your food items and they deep fry the stuff for you.  They've got dumplings, veggies, squid, seafood, hard boiled eggs, etc.  If you can deep fry it, it's there.

Here's some Korean style fast food.  The sushi looking roll is called kimbap.  It's veggies and rice.  You can get it with ham, tuna and other stuff.  One of our favorites is the soup called doenjang chigae.  It's got soy bean paste, tofu, veggies and sometimes seafood in it.  Nice and spicy.  We also like the kimchi fried rice.

Spam is very popular here.  Makes a nice gift during the Korean holidays.

I ate a snail type thing not too long ago.

Squid is extremely popular here.  They even sell dried squid at the movie theater.  A lot of people eat squid and drink beer while singing karaoke at the many karaoke places.

So here are the ingredients to make kimchi.  Carol had a kimchi making lesson with a friend.

This is fried mondu.  They're basically dumplings.  There's several different types of mondu as well as different ways to prepare them.

Here's a mondu soup.  Hits the spot during a cold day.

For those that don't like to "go native," there's plenty of western style food in Busan.  On this one block in Haeundae Beach, you've got TGI Friday's, Bennigan's, Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks and an Indian restaurant.  Down the road are a couple of Italian places, some burger joints, a Turkish restaurant and even a Mexican place.  You can get practically every type of food in Busan.

Hungry yet?  One of my goals before I leave Korea is to eat a live octopus.  That one might call for video.


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