It's Not in the Basement of the Alamo!

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Today was a practically perfect day!

I got to play hostess to my awesome friend Ahnna on her trip down to Busan.
I bought some new perfume.
Had a great lunch with Ahnna, did a bit of window shopping.  

Oh yeah, and I bought a bike!

I bought a bike and I biked all over my neighborhood and even to the beach. 

Isn't she cute?

I feel like PeeWee I love her so much!

I bought her at a bike shop right by my house.  The guy didn't speak any English, but he was really nice.  She was brand new still wrapped in plastic.  He even had to put the pedals on.  But he was really nice and it's a family place, plus I'm sure he'll remember that random foreign girl he sold the hot pink bike to- so if I have any troubles I'm sure he can help.

The whole process was pretty painless.  I paid a little over 100,000 won (or 100 US Dollars) for it and am really pleased with everything.  I'm sure I could've got one for a little cheaper either used online or at one of the big box stores, but I am really glad I got the bike I did and I hope we'll have a good year together.

I know I sound like a 5 year old when I say that I love that it's pink and cute and has a basket and a bell, but I don't care.  It's the perfect bike for riding around town and going to the beach, and being all around adorable. Which is exactly what I did once I bought it.
 As soon as I got it and did a lap around my neighborhood I went on the walking path from my school to Gwang-an beach that I had been really wanting to go on.

I really love the pink fenders, and the really awesome stable kickstand. 

And the bell- seriously the only way this bike could get any more girly would to add streamers.

The weather was perfect and there were tons of people out enjoying a beautiful Busan Sunday. WHO? wouldn't want to go out to the beach on a day like this?

 So I parked my bike on the beach and hung out for awhile enjoying the day. It's days like this where I'm so thankful I live so close to the beach!

 I know this purchase wasn't cheap, especially when I've only just got my first paycheck earlier this week.  But, buying it now means even though I don't have much money saved,  I'll be able to get the most use out of it. 
I don't think I could be happier with my new bike!  She's pretty and pink and gets me around super fast, and she's all mine. 

She does need a name (her make is a Madlian by Geoniks if that helps with name inspiration) and I'm open to suggestions!

From a Sunny Cycling Sunday with Love,

P.S. I don't know if it was the beautiful weather, or if it was just the fact that I now have a bike, but I swear I saw bikes absolutely everywhere.

From Roam with Love




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