Ilbe and the Alt-Right: Fascism and Conservative Politics in South Korea

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On this episode of The Korea File podcast, host Andre Goulet and blogger Ask A Korean unpack the spy-ops and psy-ops that have informed more than a decade of alt-Right agitation in South Korea. Plus:

* a look into the anti-democratic overreach of the National Intelligence Service 
* a deep dive into the origins of Ilbe, Korea’s nihilistic proto-Reddit web forum and Breitbart predecessor
* an analysis of the diminished status of South Korea’s political right-wing today

And: three fundamental questions that establish first principles when talking about North Korea: 
1) May the North Korean state continue to exist? 
2) May the Kim Jong-un regime remain in power? 
3) Is war acceptable on the Korean peninsula?

Ask A Korean’s answer to all three questions is an emphatic ‘No’.

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