Gayspeak: Penis (음경, 남근, 자지 등)

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I haven't given my readers a word for a while. Sorry about that. So as an apology, I'm going to give you a rather extensive list for men's pride and joy. The penis.


We have the somewhat medical 음경. 남근 is also a great word for your member: the core ()  of a man (). 양근 is a bit similar. 자지 is kind of a cute word for dick (and pairs nicely with 보지 for ladies). The English 페니스 is also used, but that is quite boring. 고추 (a red pepper) is another word for your johnson, but 고추s are a bit small... If your penis is a 고추, does that make your semen 고추가루 (red pepper flakes)? ㅋㅋㅋ Phallus is the English word 팔루스, but I imagine it isn't used too often. Something that is phallic could be described as 음경의 or 남경의.

Bonus: 발기 is an erection, but that word makes me giggle. It just sounds so cute! I usually use 서다 (to stand) when I talk about my hard-on. 자지가 섰어!

Any words readers think I should add?