Diane Farr Writes Book About Interracial Love

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Acting aside, Diane Farr has played many different roles in her life: wife, mother, and even author. Her new book Kissing Outside the Lines is inspired by her own experiences being in an interracial relationship with a Korean American man and the trials and tribulations she faced from not only family, but also the community itself. Curious about the stories of other mixed relationships, she began asking questions. Described as a “concept memoir,” the book is a compilation of the stories shared and discussions had with couples all over the U.S.

In an excerpt from the book, she writes:

My mother’s limited experience with race was the smallest issue I faced when marrying a man whose hair is one shade darker than mine, as his family’s idea of a wife for him was never me. I’d love to think I could just walk you along my path to marriage and believe this could solve any problem between every Hatfield and McCoy of varying shades in America. But my experience is only one — of a racial mix that isn’t even that foreboding — and still it took a village full of advice for me to arrive at my union.

Farr’s book takes a critical look at love and the idea of a “post-racial” world, challenging the boundaries of romance in today’s modern society.

To buy the book, click here.

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