Can't Afford Healthy Foods?

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I have talked to so many people that tell me, they simply cannot eat a healthy diet because it is too expensive. But is it really?

When a person comes to the realization that food is literally the material that MAKES your body, (opposed to only amusing your taste buds) food takes on a new meaning. Food is our FUEL. If you have low energy levels, look at what you are eating. It will make sense. If you are suffering from any mysterious ailment and you don't know why this is happening to you, look at what you are eating. You will become enlightened.

"Pay for quality food now OR make up for it in hospital bills, medicine costs, time off of work, low quality of life LATER." This has been the rebuttal by the health community for a long time, right?

But this article shows the ACTUAL monetary cost of eating healthy may be less than eating "junky". Left with no more excuses why you and your family eat junk, what are you going to DO about it?  The key word here being “DO”. This blog is all about action!

The Empowered Way is a place for encouragement and support- but it is first and foremost a place of honesty and getting "real" with ourselves. It is a place of gaining knowledge that can empower us to change our lives and the lives of our families. 

We are not victims of health, we create it. We are not victims of our lives, we create our lives. If there is anything you feel you are a victim of- change your focus. Start your life today! 

                            Start living life “The empowered way”!


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