Beauty Review: Etude House Rich Butter Foot Mask

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As I've already admitted to the horrible things I've subjected my hair to, I guess my feet are fair game. Only that they aren't. Fair, that is. I walk everywhere, so the poor things take a beating on a daily basis. Sometimes I wear good shoes, but more often than not I slump around in my ratty old broken sneakers, flats with absolutely no support, or heels. I'm not quite a hobbit, but my feet will win no beauty contests. If that's even a thing.

Anyways! So digression. Much sidetracked. Wow.

In hopes of bringing my feet back from the hell I've subjected them to, I picked up (from Etude House, where else?) the Rich Butter Foot Mask shown in the picture.

As always, half of what makes Etude House stuff so great is the packaging. So much pink! And flowers! What's not to love?

The process for this was pretty fun, too. As you can see on the package, there are 2 steps. First you apply what is basically a sheet mask, same as you would use for your face, except in more of a foot shape. Then, to quote the instructions "wear footsies...[and] with adhesive tape." FOOTSIES. Footsies. Say it with me. Footsies. Best thing ever.

Footsie-clad feets. Feet. Feetsies?
The great thing about the footsies is that even with the foot mask on, you aren't trapped in one spot while the goo works its magic. It's probably not the best idea to say, go for a run, but you can at least grab a glass of water or answer the phone or whatever it is you have to do. Also, as an added bonus, the tape that comes in the kit is pink. Because Etude House. The other thing I really loved about this mask was the instructions about pressure points on your feet, where to massage for a headache or digestion or eye fatigue.

Result? I certainly liked how pampered I felt after doing this treatment, but I can't say how much it was able to change my horrible feet.

Would I recommend this product: Yes~ The results weren't huge, but it wasn't expensive, and it's nice to feel pampered once in a while. Also, footsies.

Where to buy: If you live in a place with Etude House stores, then you can just drop by. If not, I'm sure it's on the Etude House gmarket store or the like.
And finally...

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