Dos Mas Burrito

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Dos Mas is an under 5,000won burrito restaurant right behind Pukyong University. You build your own burrito by selecting:

  • Size (regular or jumbo)
  • Heat (mild, spicy, or super spicy)
  • Meat (beef, chicken, or mix)
  • All burritos include cabbage and mexican rice (sorta)

It's super cheap with a regular burrito combo with fries and a soda will cost you under 5,000won. It's by no means authentic, but it is yummy. After wrapping your burrito, they throw it on the grill to brown the outside of the tortilla which gives they outside a little texture. Got 5,000won and a hankering for something a bit different? Head over here. 

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Joined: 06/29/2013
Re: Dos Mas Burrito

You say a regular burrito combo with fries and a soda will cost under 5,000won. By looking at the menu, it looks like it will cost 5,500won. But it still looks like it's worth a try.

JPD does ROK
Joined: 01/28/2013
Re: Dos Mas Burrito

Don't go in expecting anywhere near authentic. Frankly, the Thousand Island dressing they put in it kind of turned me off.

Joined: 08/08/2009
Re: Dos Mas Burrito

Sorry, yes the combo is 5,500. 

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