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Visa Run - Where and What do I do?

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Visa Run - Where and What do I do?
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Ok, so I'm in Korea already and I just got all of my paperwork together. After my prospective employer takes it what do I need to do? I know I need to leave the country so, if I go to Japan can I go anywhere? Do I just need to leave to re-enter Korea and get my passport stamped or do I need to go to the Korean consulate in Japan?  Thanks for any information on this process.

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Re: Visa Run - Where and What do I do?

For most work visas, here's what should happen (unless things have changed recently):

After immigration has processed your documents/information, they will supply a visa issuance number (generally to your employer, who will pass it on to you).  After you know the number, you need to go to the Korean consulate/embassy in a foreign country, fill out a form (be sure to have the correct size of photo!), pay the visa processing fee, and give them your passport.  Usually, you can pick up your passport (with your new visa in it) the next day.  Then return to Korea!

It's a good idea to check whether there are any Korean official holidays or holidays in the country you visit so you don't unexpectedly get stuck there while the consulate is closed.  It is extremely unlikely your employer will bother to do this.

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Re: Visa Run - Where and What do I do?

Also most people go to Fukuoka in Japan, although I do think it's possible to go to Daemado / Tsushima the island between Korea and Japan which is a lot cheaper. Can't be certain on this though as I've never done it.

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Re: Visa Run - Where and What do I do?

Rather outdated, but you can still find some useful links and maps on the old Pusanweb Fukuoka Visa Run Guide at: http://www.pusanweb.com/guides/fukuoka/

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Re: Visa Run - Where and What do I do?


Tsushima? I've never heard of a consulate there.
The most common options are Fukuoka and Osaka. You can go to Tokyo also but it's more expensive and take an extra day.
In Fukuoka and Osaka, the process takes 2 days. The first day, you go to the Korean consulate to drop off your application. At Fukuoka, there is a photo booth right there in the consulate in case you don't have a photo or it's the wrong size. Still, i'd recommend making a few here before you go. You can also get a copy of the visa application form online before you go. Best if you have it already filled out because as soon as the consulate opens after lunch, there will be a bunch of foreigners waiting to get in. Half of them won't have the form filled out. If you do, you'll get out a lot faster. Then you go to your hotel and drop off your stuff (you should have gone directly to the consulate when you arrived in country). You check out the city for the day. Next morning you go pick up your passport and probably fly back to Korea in the late afternoon. 
Personally, I prefer Fukuoka. It's where I usually go for the visa. You can get some nice package deals from travel agents in Korea. Return flight and a night in a business hotel (small but very basic) will be around 300,000 to 400,000 Won. BUT your employer should be footing the bill for that. If you want, negotiate with your boss to let you go over a weekend and you pay for the extra 2 nights at a hotel. Fukuoka is nice in the summer and has a decent beach to hang out at. If you're getting hotel and travel separate, I recommend the Sunlife Hotel just outside the Hakata train station. It's on the main subway line that goes from the airport to near the consulate, and the hotel is relatively downtown and cheap. 
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Re: Visa Run - Where and What do I do?

Can anybody here give me a good lead on travel agents that may be able to put together visa run packages?



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Re: Visa Run - Where and What do I do?

very simple. go to japan. take a cruise to fukuoka from pusan (about 200,000 won). you will get stamped and that is the equivalent of a visa run. 

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