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Sarah Hansen
Joined: 03/31/2010
translated Twitter feeds
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Hi Jeff,

When the fire started in Haeundae, you had a link to the Twitter news feed for Busan. That I can figure out, but how did you link to the translated feed?

I tried to do the same (translate a twitter feed) yesterday during the baseball game, but couldn't figure it out. Any help appreciated.

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Joined: 11/02/2008
Re: translated Twitter feeds
Always a pleasure to answer geek questions.
To grab the translated Twitter Feed (or anything else), go to http://search.twitter.com/, enter search terms, and grab the resulting URL

Go to http://google.com/language_tools, enter the URL of what's being translated, select the appropriate languages, and 'translate'.

The resulting translated page will have a URL atop that you can link to.

I was trying to follow the game online as well.  Koreabaseball.com keeps the score updated (kinda) on the front page, but I couldn't get the box score page working.
Sarah Hansen
Joined: 03/31/2010
Re: translated Twitter feeds

Language tools!

I tried the google translate page, google chrome and the translation button on the toolbar, but not language tools.

Many thanks.

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