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Is there a good indian restaurant in Daegu?

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Is there a good indian restaurant in Daegu?
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Does anyone who has lived in Daegu for a while know af any great indian restaurants?
Any help would be great.
there is one downtown near the gypsy rock. right above where the old gypsy rock was if that makes any sense. it isn't very good but as far as i know it is the only one daegu.
thanks for the warning that must be Ghandi.
Does anyone know the prices and directions for these

I also reccomend Little Italya and Jiang's steak house.
Cheers for that.
i guess i should qualify that with it isn't really bad. the place is run by koreans and the food is a bit koreanized. i eat there every now and then. last time was about 6-7 months ago.
looking at that list.

La Vista is hard to miss at the top of Woobang Tower in Woobang land. The food quality is mediocre. You are paying for the scenic view.

The Atrium is kinda off Susong-no go off a side street near Bomeo intersection. I think at the hospital. The ambience is nice and a small park across the street makes for a good romantic spot. The food is pretty good.
There's a pretty good Pakistani Restaurant in Seong-seo, near Keimyung University.
Here are some video directions to an Italian restaurant near the Pakistani one.
I'll check tomorrow, but in teh video when you see the bar called "School" turn right and you'll come to it.
It's 100 metres down one of those little streets. It's call Pak-Asian.
There is one right across from the north gate of Kyungpook University called Indo Bang Rang gi. I think the name is only written in Korean. It's on the 2nd floor. I liked it better than one that I tried downtown. I can't remember the prices, but probably between 5000 and 1200, depending on what you order.
wife and i found the one out by keimyung. tried to go their for lunch around 12 noon on weekday. doors were locked and no hours are posted. we ended up eating at a nearby spaghetti place instead.
The one mentioned across from Kyungpook North Gate is Banglang iagi 방랑이야기 in Korean. It's almost exactly across from the crosswalk. I think the sign is brown and another earth tone. I don't think the food is spectacular and certainly Koreanized, and a little expensive. However I still go there because the atmosphere is pleasant, and it's a good change from Korean food.

There's another one around North Gate too. If you were to keep walking over the crosswalk and go through the narrow passageway to the alley/street behind 방랑이야기 and turn right, walk about 3 minutes, there's a little place on the right. It's behind the restaurant Kil 길. The chicken there wasn't bad at all. I haven't been there in 2 months however, and you know how quick things tend to change around here smile.gif
The best indian food I had in daegu so far my 3 years here would be at: Alibaba Its located just north of down town. you will still need to get a bus or taxi there from down town. I am sorry I can't remember the name of the area of town but here is their number: 053- 335-3650 
They are usually open just after noon. but I have not been there in over 6 months. (just never had the time or a ride, lazy me) hope you find it, good luck.
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I second that.

It's located across the street from Buk-Bu bus station. They have a great 10,000won buffet on Sundays.
Tell the taxi driver: Buk-Bu Jung Ryu Jang Kha-Ju-Se-Yo.
that number is not in service. i am in the mood for indian food so we might go see if it is still open tonight.
Anyone have an update on any of these restaurants?
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Ali Baba's is still open, and still the best you can find around Daegu, but it still isn't anything to write home about. Their Sunday buffet is now 12,000.
Thanks, SD, I'll check it out this weekend.
Tried to find AliBaba's yesterday and couldn't. That phone number is out of service. Three downtown cab drivers had never heard of it so my (Korean) friend called information and they had no listing for it. Instead, we went to Indo Kanun Kir (I think it's called). I don't know the name of the neighborhood but it was on a narrow side street lined with women's clothing stores, two doors down from a lingerie shop called "Sexy Queen." It was your standard Korean-style Indianish food about on par with Road To India in Chung-gu in Busan: you get a little dish of a watery something with a lot of cardamom and chili powder and a large piece of incredibly greasy, crunchy fried bread that isn't anything like naan. Before they meal they gave us tiny bowls with a spoonful of what I think was supposed to be raita but it smelled and tasted like Limburger so we didn't eat it. They had about a dozen different kinds of lassis to choose from; they were mediocre but cold and refreshing. Overall the food wasn't terrible, it just wasn't really Indian food. I liked the decor and the incense aroma, and the meal was still a nice change from kimchi and dolsotbibimbap. The service was good. Both waitresses went around in salwar kameez minus the dupatta. They seemed to be enjoying brisk business. Some overpriced Indian trinkets and incense were available at the counter. Total lunch for two was under 10,000 won.
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Tell the taxi driver: Buk Bu Bus-uh Jung Ryu Jang Ka Joo Sae Yo
Stand at the crosswalk to the station, facing the station, but stand on the OPPOSITE side of the street.
Then turn to your left, and walk down the main street towards what looks like an overpass.
Ali Babas is on the secong floor. There is a sign, but it's hard to see.
On the map below, it is near the Pakistani Grocery.

Hi, the best Indian Restaurant I�ve tried here is directly opposite the North gate of Kyungpook University . It�s the one mentioned above called �Indo Bang Rang Gi� - its on the 3rd floor but now has an English sign that says �Indian Cuisine�. 

Its quite small but they have a better range of food than the two Indian restaurants I�ve tried downtown . I�m a vegetarian so was happy to discover that they offer several vegetarian options unlike the lone questionable �vegetable curry� I�ve found elsewhere. The phone number is (053)956-9940 and the manager is from Nepal but speaks good English. 

If you take a taxi ask for �Kyungpook Day-Hack-Yo [Kyungpook University], Pook Moon [North Gate]�. It costs less than 5,000 won in a taxi from downtown. Price of a main course is between 7,000 - 15,000 won if I remember correctly. Hope you enjoy!
hazydayz - I'm a vegetarian, too. What did you have there that you liked?
I went to Ali Baba's. It was okay. Definitely more Pakistani than Indian. It was good in that the curry had a variety of spices instead of the tons of chili powder I've had in other "Indian" restaurants in Korea. I would have liked garlic naan instead of plain, but it wasn't on the menu. Best chai I've had in ages.
Went to Indo Bang Rang Gi - good directions, hazydayz. Curry was pretty much okay, kind of a small portion. The raita was just the typical Korean sickly-sweet yogurt with nuts and raisins added. Chai - decent. But folks: a giant, pizza-sized disk of crispy, crunchy, tough-to-chew bread is not "naan." Naan is a soft bread, light and bubbly, melts in your mouth. It can be brushed with ghee but it shouldn't be sitting in a big pile of grease.

It took 40 minutes to get my order although to be fair seven of their nine tables were occupied. Kind of a weird smell by the cash wrap. I'd say it was mediocre Pakistani/Indian-mostly-Korean food. I prefer Ali Baba's given a choice.
I had lunch there today, and yep the naan sure was the size of a large pizza!
But mine wasn't crispy or cunchy and it was pretty good. 
And the chicken Korma was delicious!

Thanks for the directions hazydayz
This topic's probably dead by now, but Kyungpook University's North Gate area also has a new-ish Indian/Nepali restaurant! The name is Maya, and it's on the second floor of the building behind Indo Bang Rang Gi.
Is Ali Baba's closed for good? The last two times I've gone there it's been closed, lights off and the gate to the stairwell pulled down. I really wanted a cup of chai today, too.
Ms. Greta...If you are familiar with Kyungpook National University then you are in for a treat. Indo-Bang-Lang-Gi is where you want to be! It's amazing. Directly across the street from the North Gate (Booook-moon), the walk way directly infront of you, to the left of the alley way dividing the two buildings you will be approaching as you cross the street. It's on the top floor of that building. You will love it! I hope...By the way....Do you have Christmas Plans and/or extra clothing? 


Until December 25th, donations of any shape and size will be greatly appreciated. Items collected will be packed into partial or full outfits and distributed throughout Daegu, Korea on Couples Day, 12/25. 

At 3:00 PM on the same day, all comers are welcome to join in the BEING SINGLE DOESN�T SUCK celebration. We will be eating and drinking in one of downtown Daegu�s oldest and unknown meat restaurants in Kyo-dong market, across the street from Daegu Train Station. 

For more information or to RSVP because you want to help deliver clothing to the needed or plan to attend the party, email 

To make donations, bring what you have to Kyungpook National University, Language Center, and Office 526. Please put your phone number and email address someone where on your donation bag. If Office 526 is locked, leave it at the door. If you can not get to KNU but wish to make a donation, arrangements will be made to collect what you have. 


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