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SIlla Korean Department Masters course opening in March

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SIlla Korean Department Masters course opening in March
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After a long wait the Masters Program in the Department of Korean Studies at Silla University will open this coming March. We currently have several applicants and the course will open at the beginning of March, 2017.


However, we are still open for more applications. The deadline is December 14, 2016.

To apply you will need to fill out the application forms and provide the necessary additional documents. For non-native English speakers an English proficiency certificate (TOEFL/TOIEC/etc.) will be required - for native English speakers this is not required. In addition, your previous BA diploma will also be required, along with copies of your parents' passports.


The courses will cover Korean politics, economics, culture, history and language - By  the end of the course you should have completed TOPIK level 2 at least - this is not too difficult. All courses will beb evening courses at Silla. The course runs for two semesters a year (2 year course) with each semester being 15 weeks. Travel to Silla is by subway and free shuttle bus.

Current fees are just over 2m Won per semester.

There will be three courses offered per semester, in English, except for the Korean language course.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask at

andystanm@hotmail.co.uk / alexandra@silla.ac.kr / kangkyung@silla.ac.kr


The two application forms are attached to this notice.


Thanks and have a good day




Application Form 2) Silla University Graduate School..docx31.19 KB
Application Form (March 2017).docx44.99 KB
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Re: SIlla Korean Department Masters course opening in March

Do you know what the timetable would exactly?????????

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Re: SIlla Korean Department Masters course opening in March

Do you supply housing for a reasonable fee, thanks for your time.

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