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Love motel near airport

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Love motel near airport
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Hi there,


The title says it all, I am looking for a nice love motel (or regular hotel) close to Gimhae airport.  I like the VIP rooms with the big LCDs and whirlpools.  Anyways, up to 90-100,000 for the night (it will be in the middle of the week).  Wondering if anybody has stayed in one closer to the airport than Haeundae.  I was trying to look in the neighborhood of Sasang or only 10-15 minute bus/taxi ride from the airport.  Please e-mail me at bosockers@gmail.com if you have any info for me.  Thanks, happy holidays!

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airport hotel


This is one of the motels closer to the airport that a friend stayed at. It was clean. There are others.  http://maps.google.com/maps?oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF8&q=motel&fb=1&ei=u9o4S5CTMJaekQWRvLX_CQ&ved=0CCEQtgMwAA&radius=1.47&sll=35.167283,128.963141&sspn=0.02575,0.052142&rq=1&ev=p&hq=motel&hnear=&ll=35.166932,128.967304&spn=0.024873,0.052142&z=15

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You could always stay in

You could always stay in Seomyeon or Beomnegol. There are so many love motels to choose from. You could stay in of the ones near Lotte Hotel. I bet they are nice. I am suggesting this area because the highway is right there (probably 2 km from the Lotte) and you could get to the airport in about 15-20 minutes depending on traffic. I live in the area and the taxi normally costs me 11,000-15,000. Enjoy!

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I kind of agree with the

I kind of agree with the above poster why would you want to stay near the airport when the airport is easily accessible from central Busan. I once made the mistake of staying in the aiport new town 'near' Incheon. First of all it wasn't that near. Second it was a god forsaken place that charged more than double what motels and hotels would charge in central Seoul. Never again. In both Seomyeon and Haeundae there are regular airport buses from outside all the major hotels and routes in between. And taxis are pretty damn cheap and fast once on the highway. You mentioned SaSang, but I can't see you getting anything that nice out there.

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Perhaps this is a little outdated...

Yes, but if it does come up again there is the Paragon Hotel in Sasang,  I have never stayed over there but have been there for buffets and celebrations.  It is also the one used by most of airlines for their personnel.  What is even better now is that it is only two stops away on this new train.  

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