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How do I receive deliveries if I work during the day?

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How do I receive deliveries if I work during the day?
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Hello all!

I'm looking to purchase something off of a major Korean internet website, but I have a simple question. I'm basically working during the day, Monday to Friday, pretty much all day long (I'm out of home from roughly 8:30am until 6:30pm).

I'm wondering how I can purchase something from the internet and get it delivered if I'm not at home during the day. I know that in the larger apartment buildings the taekbae (delivery) guy can simply drop it off at the security guy's office, but what about if you live in a small studio apartment with no security guard?

Can deliveries be made at your home prior to 8:30am or past 6:30pm, generally speaking? If not, then how can I receive my item? I don't want the guy to leave the item in front of my door because I'm planning on buying something rather expensive, and it would be pretty easy to steal it if he'd do that.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: How do I receive deliveries if I work during the day?

Why not have it shipped to your place of work?  Notify your front office that you're expecting a package.  Another option, delivery guys will call prior to making the trip...have someone who speaks Korean to arrange a good time when the they call.  If you live in an apartment complex with a security guard, the delivery guy will usuall leave it there at the security booth. 

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Re: How do I receive deliveries if I work during the day?

A lot of these delivery guys work as late as 8 or 9 o'clock. So when you order the product there is a space under your address where you can write important information for the delivery guy, so tell him that you won't be home till late. Ask a Korean to help you with the correct wording.

Of course there is no guarantee that this will work as they have a route they follow according to where they have to deliever to that day and he may still try to deliver it at any time. If so, as said, he will call you first, in that case give your phone to a Korean and tell him the address of your school if it's near by.

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