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Elbow bursitis and where to get it drained?

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Elbow bursitis and where to get it drained?
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I've got bursitis again in my elbow...ongoing since high school. It isn't painful at the moment but the elbow is swollen and needs to be drained.

Any information about where to get it done, cost and name of doctors would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Elbow bursitis and where to get it drained?

You can go to any orthopedic clinics (정형 외과) for your medical issue.

The cost of the initial examination is about 8,000won with Korean Nat'l Health Insurance not including X-ray, MRI...etc.

Further procedure will depend on the nature of the condition.

If you need any translation help, pls feel free to contact me at 010-9457-8941.

 I work for Dongeui Medical Center at Yangjeong STN (#121) and there are three orthopedic specialists available from 9am till 430pm (Mon. ~ Fri.) and  from 9am till 12pm on Sat.

RN. Lee, Hei Sung

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