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Counselors Therapists Psychiatrists, Counsellors in the Seoul area

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Counselors Therapists Psychiatrists, Counsellors in the Seoul area
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Here is an updated list on therapy information for the Greater Seoul Area: 

The Seoul Help Center for Foreigners is a community Services organization here in Seoul that helps ex-pats with among other things, their medical & psychological needs. 

A 24-hour Medical Referral Service is available by calling 010-4769-8212 or 010-8750-8212. Your questions will be 
answered by medically trained, English speaking volunteers. Effective Tuesday April 6, 2004, SHC launched a 24-hour telephone 
¡°Medical Referral Service¡± for foreign residents and visitors, which refers callers to appropriate medical facilities and services.
The SHC entrusted foreign, English-speaking medical professionals with operating this new service. This Medical 
Referral Service is one of the city government's efforts to improve foreigners' quality of life, by providing information regarding 
medical services available in Seoul. 

Counselors Counsellors Psychotherapists 

in the Seoul Area 

Adam Gaines M.S.W. 
(American) Hwarangdae Station Line #6 
flint3 at gmail.com 010-4489-1451. Individual & Couples Counseling. 
Nowon-Gu. Northeast Seoul 

Yvon Malenfant M.Div. 

(Canadian) harpoinseoul(at)yahoo(dot)ca 
010-6268-1063. (02)335-3633. 
Inter-faith pastoral counselor 
Individual and Korean-Western (Intercultural)Couples Counseling.Close to Line #4 Gireum Station,Exit #3 
North-Central Seoul. 
Noreen Jaden, M.SC. (Canadian) Registered Psychologist (AB, Canada) CEO of Adaptable Human Solutions 
Worldmark Tower at Samgakji Station (exit 10) 
info@ahskorea.com 02.749.7915 Yongsan-Gu, Seoul 
English- and Korean-speaking therapists available for children and adults 

Jennifer Valentine, M.Ed., LMFT, SAP 
Director of International Corporate Services 
Adaptable Human Solutions 
102-1404 WorldMark Center Yongsan 
64 Hangang-Ro1Ga 
Yongsan-gu Seoul 

Office - (82) 02-749-7915 
Fax - (82) 02-711-7915 
Mobile - (82) 010-2022-9964 

Eunice Ra (LCSW), Bilingual Psychotherapist (Korean and English) Adaptable Human Solutions as an associate, I am also a certified sandplay practitioner and a member of Sabdplay therapists of America. 
102-1404 World Mark Tower, 64 Hangang-Ro 1Ga, Yong San -Gu, Seoul 140-100 
tel) 02-749-7915 
mobile) 010-3878-7683 

Steve Sangkwon Shim Ph.D. 

011-9771-5909. (02)549-5909. A.A.P.C. 
Diplomate Bilingual Eng./Kor. psychotherapy. KICCP at unitel.co.kr http://seoultherapy.joongang21.co.kr/ 
Morrison Lee 

Itaewon Station near Hyatt Hotel 
Personal counsellor 

Erica Kim, M.A. 
Director of English Counseling Services 
Family Counseling Center (FCC), Korea 
Suite 201, Dongin Sang-ga 
301-18, I-Chon Dong, Yongsan-Gu, 
Seoul, SOUTH KOREA (140-030) Line #4, Icheon Station Exit # 3-1. Walk 80 meters. 
Tel: +82-2-790-5910 (English) 
+82-2-2285-5915 (Korean) 
Fax: +82-2-525-0618 
engcounsel_at_naver.com www.familykorea.org 

Rev. Prince Charles Oteng-Boateng (M.Div., Th.M., LPC) 
Hapcheong-Station. Line #2 & #6. Hapcheong 
(02) 333-7393 is a Christian counselor in Seoul. 

Psychiatrists in the Seoul Area 

Dr. Kim, Soo-young (aka. Mike) M.D. 

Itaewon Station Line #6. (02)790-0857. International Clinic 501 Hannam building, 737-37 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu Seoul, Korea 140-212 Office Tel.: 82-2-790-0857 Fax: 82-2-798-7480 E-mail: sky114_at_unitel.co.krhttp://www.internationalclinic.co.kr/ 

Dr. Loo M.D. 

Hyehwa Station, Line # 4 Seoul National (University) Hospital International Clinic. 

Dr. Jinseng Park M.D., PhD. 
Seollung Station Line #2 (5 min.) 
mdoctor at korea.com psychiatry, psychotherapy. 

Dr. David Hong M.D. 
Samsung Station Line #2. 02)3410-3585 ihs at smc.samsung.co.kr http://www.smc.samsung.co.kr 

If any of you are aware of counselors (Korean or English speaking) that you would like to recommend who are residing in Korea. Please contact Yvon at harpoinseoul_at_yahoo.ca thank you. 

Online therapy
Please contact caribou.7@hotmail.com for further details
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Re: Counselors Therapists Psychiatrists, Counsellors in the ...


This is an update of the Licensed Professionals currently available at Adaptable Human Solutions.  We now maintain 2 therapy teams of native speakers, English & Korean. This the English Team only.  *As we are constantly growing, this list may not include everyone currently working at AHS.  www.ahskorea.com
Noreen Jaden (Canadian)
Registered Psychologist (AB, Canada)
Zane Webber (Canadian)
Registered Psychologist (AB, Canada)
Vice President
Eunice (Eun Young) Ra (Bilingual Korean)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA., USA)
Director of Korean/Bilingual Services
Eli Fehler (American)
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (WA, USA)
AHS Community Liaison
Young Pak (American)
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (AR, USA)
Kelly McChristian (American)
Associate Licensed Professional Counselor (AR, USA)
Inquiry Team Coordinator
Juhee Kim (Bilingual Korean)
Art Therapy Resident (License in Process-CO, USA)
Dawn Dialon (American)
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (NV, USA)
Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor (NV, USA)
Substance Abuse Professional (NV, USA)
Dr. Elizabeth Schnobrich (American) -available by telephone only
Licensed Psychologist (WA, USA; NV, USA)
Contact our Inquiry Team for more information or to make an appointment by phone 02-749-7915 or email info@ahskorea.com
Call us or email info-kr@ahskorea.com for Korean speaking therapists.


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Re: Counselors Therapists Psychiatrists, Counsellors in the ...

This is not a specific response to this thread but an updated list of the English therapy team at Adaptable Human Solutions. We have 2 therapy teams (native English & native Korean, and currently also Spanish & Portuguese) made up of licensed therapists with a variety of backgrounds.  AHS abides by the strictest of N. American professional ethics; confidentiality is assured. AHS is not a medical facility but works with local psychiatrists for medication monitoring. All team members are trained and licensed in North America, and most were born and raised there. For more info, please visit us at ahskorea.com

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