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Busan Used Furniture Stores (couch) ???

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Busan Used Furniture Stores (couch) ???
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Does anyone know of any used furniture stores/areas in Busan?  I am looking to buy a cheap couch and not having a lot of luck.

Thanks for any information!

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Re: Busan Used Furniture Stores (couch) ???

If Cash is the issue, it's best to just wait for a decent one to pop up on Koreabridge. Used Furniture stores usually way over charge for used things...they have to make a profit. But, the upside to buying from them is that you'll save 30,000won in renting a truck for delivery. They'll usually deliver for free.

There are tons of furniture stores in every area. Go to maps.naver.com and type in 가구점(Furniture store) or 중고가구점(used furniture store) and you should get a bunch to pop up.

Which area do you live in?

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Re: Busan Used Furniture Stores (couch) ???

I kind of agree that furniture shops are overpriced here, but you might want to try furniture street in Jwacheong Dong on line 1. Not the main street with the subway, but the one behind it. There are a whole bunch of second hand and cheap places there.

Street view from Naver maps, click the 'X' top left to return to map view. http://me2.do/5mRL8Th

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Re: Busan Used Furniture Stores (couch) ???


I want to sell my couch, cause I plan to move soon. The couch is new I just bought it a couple of months ago. it can be transformed into a double-bed. If you haven't bought anything i ll give you more details. And also I sell two matresses and a TV stand with 6 shelves. If interested please contact here or e-mail me at nienna2200@yahoo.com.


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