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Re: Busan Dentist

As far as I know root canals are covered by Insurance , I  have found San Francisco Dental in the Judies Taehaw Bldg to be excellent , 

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Re: Busan Dentist

Hi there, just visiting Korea for the first time and wanted to share my good/bad experience. A day or so after arriving in Busan I realized my toothache wasn't getting any better, and with my bad teeth I knew it was going to be either a root canal or extraction. I call my endodontist back home to discuss my options. 

After reading this thread, I decided to go straight to the International Health Care Center at Haeundae Paik hospital. They wanted my 43,000 won exam fee right away. Then I got a few high-tech x-rays before I finally sat in the chair and talked to an older, grouchy dentist who wouldn't look me in the face for a good 10 minutes. Finally, he said he could fit me in for a root canal no earlier than 1st of August (it's July 19). I guess they thought I could live with this tooth pain for two weeks, I don't know. I said no-can-do (we leave in three days) and they directed me to the cashier again to pay 40,000 won for the x-rays they said were "too complicated" to email to the dentist they referred me to for my emergency root canal. 

That dentist, Dr. Soo-Won Lee at Centrum Asia Dental Clinic (82-51-900-8275), was a godsend. Such a nice guy, and he spoke good English. He took me as a walk-in and x-rayed me immediately before discussing my options. When we agreed to do "part 1" of my root canal (so my endodontist back home will finish and my dentist will add the crown), he explained what he'd do both before and during the procedure. He was so kind and of course gave me lots of local anesthetic so I didn't feel a thing (though he asked if I did, twice). His assistant even gave me a stuffed animal to hold onto when she knew I was uneasy.

Dr. Lee is an oral surgeon, not an endodontist by trade, but I think he did a fine job. And this part one was cheap (100,000 won) by US standards... though it's not complete and doesn't include a crown. Incidentally, he says the root canal part in Korea is cheap but the crowns are more expensive. So there you go. 

A few hours later, my pain is gone, though there's some soreness from the procedure - all better than before. I highly recommend him for your dental needs.

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Re: Busan Dentist

Update: Dr. Seo and team at San Francisco Dental are the best in Busan as far my experience goes.

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