Part-Time Elementary Academy (Hagwon) Teacher Needed in Haeundae


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We have a part time position available in our Haeundae Branch.

How many classes?: Two 45-minute elementary classes (1 class speaks English at a high-beginner level, the other class is a Phonics level class)

Is there a curriculum?: While there isn't a curriculum in place, all materials are provided to teachers in way of books to teach and to choose from once that book is finished. Also, there are multiple teachers to ask for help from.

Work Hours?: Mon-Fri, 3~5pm

Pay?: 25,000 KRW/hour

Visa requirements?: F visa preferred, E2 visas (with permission from primary employer) welcome

If you're interested, please email us with your resume and we will get back to you for a chance to interview.

Thank you!!



(P.S. A Saturday position is also available at 35,000 KRW for each 40 minute class. Ask about it if you're interested.)

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