Direct Hire- Starting Salary from 3.1 to 3.8 million won per month Work and live near the beach for YBM Busan PSA


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Direct Hire--- Starting Salary from 3.1 to 3.8 million won per month Work and live near the beach for YBM Busan PSA Busan Centum City near Haeundae Beach Kyungsung University/PNU Central Busan (9:00 AM-5:00 PM) Free Lunch + Special Employee Discount for YBM Korean Language Classes July/August/September Start


Busan PSA M-F 9am-5pm: Located near Centum City subway station and not too far from the popular Kyungsung University/PNU district as well as Haeundae and Gwangalli Beach considered the most popular beaches in South Korea. Centum City which is home to the largest department store in the world allows possible candidates to work and live by the beach while also exploring and experiencing all of the unique charm that Busan has to offer. 


*PSA Salary with School Provided Housing: 2.50 to 2.90 million won or employee can choose the non-housing stipend option and receive 600,000 won on top of your monthly salary listed above (Total - 3.10 to 3.50 million won)


As a teacher at the YBM PINE Division, you will follow a set curriculum and lesson plan, but also have the freedom to incorporate your own supplemental materials to better suit the individual needs of your students and classroom. Teachers will have their own individual classrooms that come equipped with giant touch screen monitors to help create a more interactive and visual learning experience. Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic, patient, and work well with young children.


*11 days of weekday vacations for first year employees and at least 15 days for 2nd year continuing employees. All National Korean holidays off including newly created Korean holidays with no makeup classes on weekends in lieu of these holidays.

*Up to 50% off for YBM Korean Language Lessons as an employee of YBM

*Lunch and snacks are provided with no additional costs.

*Will not be required to do any EXTRA WORK OR ATTEND RANDOM POP-UP FUNCTIONS outside of the contracted working hours.

*Teaching high level & attentive kinder to early-elementary age students.

*Follow a set curriculum and syllabus for easy lesson prep

*Encourage learning through an active and immersive process.


All YBM PINE Division schools are 100% owned and operated by YBM Corporation – Contract is fully guaranteed by YBM.


Fantastic Vacation Days: All YBM PINE division schools such as PSA, GATE, AppleTree and Learning share the same calendar system.  We only offer 19 teaching days per session month.  We adopted this system to ensure that all of our teachers & staff members receive their full vacations/holiday without asking for permission from their schools to further increase the teaching quality over quantity.


The vacation dates for March 2024 to Feb 2025 school year is listed below.


Summer Break 7.28 - 8.4 (9 consecutive weekdays + weekends) No class from July 29th and return back to work on August 5th 2024

Winter Break 12.25 - 1.01 (8 consecutive weekdays + weekends) No class from Dec. 25th and return back to work on Jan. 2nd 2025

*4 day weekend in June, Additional week off in January, all Korean National Holidays Off



*Please submit a short cover email indicating your specific available date to begin a new contract, attached updated resume in word or pdf format, current visa status, ARC expiration date, and a digital picture of yourself to:


Attn: Fred Han

Personnel Coordinator

YBM Head Office 

Email: [email protected]




*Applicants not in Korea or without one of the following visa E2/D10/F-series visa will need to email over pictures of the following items (Background check with apostille, degree with apostille, passport page.

*Native English Speaker with E2/D10/F-series visa status or documents for E2 visa sponsorship

*F-series visa applicants must have documents for registration with the Korean Education Office



Application Process

*Applicants will be able to receive detailed information about all YBM PINE Division schools once a phone call has been conducted with the YBM Head Office.

*Applicants will be able to know an approximate minimum guaranteed salary for their level of qualification depending on the particular YBM Position they are seeking during this phone call.

Visit to learn more about the corporation that manages the YBM PINE Division which fully owns & operates all the YBM PINE brands such as our YBM GATE, YBM PSA, YBM AppleTree and YBM Learning schools in Seoul, Busan, and Bundang.

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