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We are actively seeking a diligent individual to teach and manage our hagwon. This role requires an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a genuine passion for education and business development. The ideal candidate should possess a deep understanding of Korean culture, having spent three years or more in Korea. An elevated proficiency in Korean language would also  be a valuable asset. Our vision entails a progressive path, with the manager eventually assuming ownership—a distinctive work-to-ownership arrangement.

Responsibilities encompass not only teaching but also spearheading student recruitment efforts. As the role evolves, the manager will assume comprehensive control over all facets of school operations.The start date is  March 2024.

A competitive base salary, commensurate with experience, will be provided. Additionally, a percentage of tuition fees tied to the enrollment of new students will be offered—an incentive that underscores mutual growth and success.

If you've got fantastic work ethic and are looking for a unique opportunity send us a cover letter and resume. 
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